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Today I saw you there waiting for me
hoping I would see you there waiting for me.
Today you see, you see in my eyes you see the fear in me.
You want to know, to know what scares me so but you can't know.
The fear in me is to much to handle.
Today I ask myself do I want to tell you but if I tell you will you see the fear that keep me.
Mood: wounded

noemi Do people change May 14th, 2007 1:12:57 am - Subscribe
everyday i sit and wonder if people change
do they know that they are changing do they feel it is it necessaries or is it faith how can someone tell do they hear in their voice or do they feel it in their bones can someone be the same with the change or does it all have to change do other notice or live with are they the same i wonder it can be or is just me do we hope that they can still be the same the same person even thought they changed.
Mood: disoriented

noemi questions May 11th, 2007 2:04:28 am - Subscribe

how is it that it hurt more when you know it coming,
how come they use the word as a toy
do they mean it
do they feel it
is it a power word
do they know it hurt
can they feel they same pain we do
come they feel the same joy we do
is it all worth it to them to say it
can you be happy when you hear it
does he really
or do really
is it real or is it their for a propose
will the word one day change'
to the word that is a shame.........

Mood: broken

noemi someone to love me May 11th, 2007 1:42:15 am - Subscribe
alone in the dark you free me for the hurt you save me from my self you help me be okay but one day out of the blue my dreams came true a stranger a love better then love a feeling of fulfillment a joy to it all

but then it happen one thing end it all. a demon form the past a love that would not last. was it worth it was the sorrow i was to feel again worth it all.
Mood: torn

noemi what is going on May 11th, 2007 1:22:14 am - Subscribe
today was to be one of the happiest day of my
but it turn out to be the worst
mo matter what i did i just kept on get worst
what to do
help me understand
help me see
help me know
what i did so
is it gone the hurt the pain the sorrow is it real or is it fake
am i just not to be happy at this time or am i to to live a boring life
Mood: dandy