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reoccuring instances

Nov 30th, 2005 8:33:27 am - Subscribe

i wouldnt want to go messing anything up.
so im giving up.
mood: tired
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excuse me sir, but i have plans to die tonight

Nov 28th, 2005 11:04:02 pm - Subscribe

too many people go back on their word.
or lie.
& its ruining my life.
mood: screwed
music: fxcking scream your heart outxcore shit
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riding poision from my mind

Nov 28th, 2005 5:04:10 pm - Subscribe

Anna and Steff are over,
its the first time in a long time i;ve actually had friends over.
Theyre taking a nap
I can;t sleep
I can;t ever sleep

I found out today that eminem had an addiction to sleeping pills, haha, eminem.

Steff and Anna tell me to say Hi to everyone.
So really i guess they arent sleeping.

Basketball is in an hour,
im dreading it
but i dread a lot of things
i call it the home of hell
but there are many home of hells.

sarah shut up.

mood: non existant
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if the walls were glass, id break them

Nov 23rd, 2005 11:45:20 am - Subscribe

so im off to the cities untill friday.

last night compared to hell pretty well.
things have been pileing up,
well "issues" if you put it that way.
schools screwed up.
my family is screwed up
more than anyone could imagine.
money intake is at an ultimate low,
and not just for me..
the level of respect is at zero.
my house is a living hell.

im trying to figure out when things
get better.
last night was the closest i ever came to running away.
i geuss running away never solves anything.
it wouldnt be the first time

the sad thing is it would probably solve things.

i havent seen dustin or other people in ages.
maybe thats why im a walking corpse.

These pictures are of so long ago.
just look at how things have changed.

i dont feel like using the right code

(2 months ago-not that long ago)

(Emma me Steph)

(emma me and anna)
this was years ago...
god we still do the same thing
sit around and eat, haha

mood: crummy
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slit enemies with a smile

Nov 22nd, 2005 9:35:06 am - Subscribe

im a failure.
but im going down with the best of them.

things are so messed up,
but somehow its not even in the worst way.

what am italking about?
im going to the home of hell on wednesday
ALL the way untill friday.

but when i get back TuffXkids is regaining their tuffness.

And i might actually get to see dustin again.
i miss him.

i miss a lot of people.

how many times can i say eff.
eff isnt even a word
its just a stupid abbreviation for fuck.
but id rather say eff.
because its kind of like tuff.

class is over.

mood: insane
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