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New Sources LED Make Shanghai Beach Beautiful

Apr 26th, 2010 9:08:44 pm - Subscribe

My name is LED (the abbreviation of light emitting diode), scientific name is Leds, people like my nickname - new light.

I'm good at working at night, and "cheap" reward. Since the family came to light bulb ancestors, to my ranking fourth generation. Originally "energy" accidentally himself, but at the moment of dazzling, sometimes "winy" stories also fear. Many people praise "Shanghai landscape lamp more beautiful than ever," this is my credit, not!

In the 1970s, seems to me only red, "employment" difficult, only in the rear brake light car high post "living". After ten years of efforts, I now mastered full-color kung fu, become "fair, contributions from the pudong see: the world expo venue to puxi, beautiful night elevated road of Shanghai is my HDTV everywhere. Listen, GanYan English. See, all sorts of camera surrounded. I didn't complacent, to exhortation for Shanghai city beautiful add brilliance.

I than normal bulb province electricity 70% and more than 30% of energy-saving provinces. "Both horse running, cake and eat less grass", not just fancy this my advantage.

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Or call us at Tel:+86-755-82441919 82441519
Email: mart@leds-manufacturers.com
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