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Parental controls hailed a success

Jun 15th, 2008 1:34:55 am - Subscribe

Fences put up on Black Country youth football pitches to protect referees from angry and abusive parents are here to stay, league chiefs have vowed.The fences were introduced as a pilot by Stourbridge & District Youth League bosses after it was revealed that there was at least one incident every weekend where parents ran on the pitch to confront referees – some as young as 14. Clubs from Stourbridge, Dudley and Halesowen were asked to buy and put up the fence on one side of the pitch – a series of stakes connected by a nylon rope.Anyone crossing the rope to go onto the pitch was threatened with severe punishment.The move was initially criticised by clubs – but league chairman John Farley told the Express & Star it had been a runaway success.He said: “We had great difficulty getting it through our AGM last year but I don’t think there is anyone in the league now who doesn’t think it is a good idea.“It is definitely here to stay.” Mr Farley said that figures were not yet available to compare with the season before – but added that he was sure that they would be favourable.“I go and watch my grandson play nearly every weekend and the difference is noticeable, definitely,” he said.“Before you would get opposing parents shouting at each other 60 yards across the pitch, but people don’t seem as brave when they are standing right next to each other.“It also stops irate parents chasing managers and coaches demanding that their son or daughter get on the pitch.“It has really helped relations, you get people bringing flasks of tea and coffee and passing them around rival teams.“We would recommend other leagues take this up too as it makes a big difference.”Clubs initially feared grouping together opposing parents could lead to violence breaking out on the touchline. The league made the move after admitting one-third of league games now go ahead without appointed referees because of a nationwide shortage. It means clubs have to supply referees who are often not qualified.
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Heavy bike import doubled in Pakistan

Jun 15th, 2008 1:34:23 am - Subscribe

The import of heavy bikes has been doubled in Pakistan despite the 200 percent custom duty and EEC Pocket Bike fine on imorted vehicles. The prices of the imported heavy bikes increase threefold in Pakistan, but the youth bikers don't bother about that, said a survey conducted among heavy bike dealers and riders in Lahore city. The survey said that heavy bikes dealers were importing bikes from 250cc to 2000cc being made in Japan, Germany, Italy, America, China. Some of the most favourites bikes among Pakistani bikeriders are Harley Davidson, BMW and Ducati, which are being sold from Rs 500,000 to 2.2 million. A heavy bike dealer in Lahore, Ahsan Butt said that during the last five years, a record number of heavy bikes had been imported in Pakistan that showed how the young generation was crazy about motorbikes. Another dealer Waqar Ahmed said that the youth belonging to elite class of the society could easily buy an imported bike costing 2.5 million, but the government should reduce the amount of custom duty and fine for other buyers. If the government allows import of heavy bikes on less duty, this trade can be developed into an industry, he said. On the other hand, despite all the measures, the government has failed to provide youth with an attracting racing track to curb the menace of one-wheeling and motorcycle racing on city roads. The sport has now become a profession for youths, who are playing at the hands of gamblers in Lahore. The practice of one-wheeling and motorcycle racing on city roads has claimed the lives of more than 150 wheelers in the last two years, according to reports published in different newspapers. At least 15 people die every year on Independence Day after indulging in one-wheeling and motorcycle racing. As many as 15 persons lost their lives and over 400 sustained injuries while performing one-wheeling on roads in the provincial capital and the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi during the celebrations of Independence Day this year. All the victims were between 16 to 25 years of age. According to the official count, 24 boys have died while performing one-wheeling on roads but police sources revealed that the actual number of deaths by racing and wheeling was more than thrice that because it could not be confirmed whether the others died in accidents or while performing one-wheeling. It has been learned during a survey that these racers and wheelers occupy Canal Road in Lahore on Sunday morning to perform the bloody practice of one-wheeling. Professional gamblers also go there to put their money at stake. They entice the youths to get involved in this practice on the pretext of giving them money. They also provoke them by terming this disastrous practice as passion. At the direction of these gamblers the youth of ordinary families indulge in one-to-one and group races. The main areas where one-wheelers and racers perform their foul tricks include The Mall, Jail Road, Lake Road, Main Boulevard (Gulberg), Liberty Roundabout, Fortress Stadium and Defence. The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) constructed a dirt bike-track with a cost of Rs 2.2 million (US$36,231) at Jallo Park, which was inaugurated by former Punjab Sports minister Naeemullah Shahani on Feb. 18, 2004. The track is one-kilometer long and 18 to 20 feet wide, but PHA had to close it after a short time, as it could neither catch the attention of motorcycle racers nor divert them from City roads. The Punjab government also introduced a strict penalty on one-wheeling in public places by passing the Provincial Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2005. According to the amended act, passed by Punjab Assembly, whoever rides a motorbike on one wheel and consequently puts lives and property in danger, is liable to be punished with imprisonment for a term that may extend up to six months or with a fine that may go up to Rs 5,000 (US$82). Moreover, the motorbike of the offender can be forfeited at the time of conviction of the accused. But even after taking this step, the problem has not been solved yet as the flocks of motorcyclists and one-wheelers can be seen on city roads, especially on Saturday and Sunday nights. When asked, one of the youth namely Sajid Butt said that he could not resist performing one-wheeling. He said that he had lost one of his legs in an accident caused by one-wheeling but still he could ride his bike on one wheel better than many others.
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Modular communications outlets match power accessories

Jun 15th, 2008 1:33:58 am - Subscribe

A comprehensive and flexible range of TV/radio, telephone, data and sound system outlets is now available in styles to match Eaton’s popular INTRA, COPA and EMA ranges of wiring accessories. Based on a modular concept, they offer a flexible build solution to the increasing need for communications outlets in modern homes and businesses. Interior designers and installers can satisfy virtually any modern requirement for communications and broadcast media connections using products that suite with lighting switches, socket-outlets and other accessories in the home or workplace. The offering is based on a modular grid construction which enables the installer to assemble single, two-gang or four-gang plates to suit the needs of the installation. Most outlets are 25 x 50mm units available as white or black polycarbonate modules. The plates are offered in the same size, profile and finish as Eaton’s INTRA white moulded, COPA clip-on plate and EMA moulded polycarbonate accessory ranges. Modules include co-axial screened outlets for television, radio or satellite connections; master and secondary BT telephone outlets, RJ11 and RJ45 Cat 6 data outlets, and twin phono or loudspeaker outlets. There are also blanking plates. A two-gang (50 x 50mm) “quad” module incorporates separate coaxial outlets for TV, radio, satellite and return connections in a single unit. INTRA is Eaton’s basic range of white moulded accessories. A full portfolio of telephone, data and broadcast media outlets in the INTRA styling, increases the appeal of this comprehensive range of switches, socket-outlets and other accessories. Eaton’s COPA clip-on plate accessories have no visible fixing screws and allow architects, interior designers, homeowners and developers to select from a choice of no fewer than ten different plates for each accessory. The basic accessories can be installed first, energised, tested and left safely without the cover plates. Finishing trades can then decorate right up to the accessories without damaging, or getting paint on the cover plates. Installation of the cover plates can be left to the last minute and plates can be changed subsequently to suit any new decor. The EMA range of Eaton moulded accessories is a tough yet stylish range of moulded thermoplastics wiring accessories that resist cracking and are suitable for residential and commercial interiors including homes, hotels, hostels, shops and offices. Tight-fitting caps can be fitted to conceal the fixing screws, rendering them inconspicuous and secure. “We already offer selected communications and broadcast media outlets in all our wiring accessory ranges but the new modular outlets offer a greatly enhanced range of options in the INTRA, COPA and EMA families. Their use will avoid the all-too-common mixture of different styles and finishes for wiring accessories and communications outlets” says Frank Sayers, Product Manager – Wiring Accessories.
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P&G Plans Car Washes In Ohio, Kentucky

Jun 15th, 2008 1:33:33 am - Subscribe

Car Fragrance After seeing strong sales at two test locations, Procter & Gamble is planning to open up to seven more Mr. Clean Performance Car Washes in southern Ohio and Kentucky. Procter & Gamble plans to test several full-service locations in the Cincinnati area before deciding to launch a national chain, though the company has yet to select and purchase sites for its future locations, Professional Carwashing & Detailing reported. Jeff LeRoy, P&G’s external relations manager, said the first two car washes were rolled out to "learn the market," and both sites have done well. "Anytime anything does well, you want to look at options to make it better," he said. "We are in discussions with several entrepreneurs who are interested in being part of the expansion." P&G’s Mr. Clean car wash features luxurious waiting areas with wireless Internet access, flat-screen TVs and a 2,100-square-foot convenience store. Each Mr. Clean location includes Sud Soaker and Radical Rinse stations where visitors control the remote spray nozzles and shoot colored suds and high-pressure water at cars that roll by. A basic wash at Mr. Clean is $7.51, with prices reaching up to $16.90 for a gold shine package. For $24, visitors can receive a full-service interior and exterior cleaning, which comes with a carwash, window cleaning, vacuuming, polish and fragrance.
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High-performance pigment expansion project in China

Jun 15th, 2008 1:33:03 am - Subscribe

Clariant International Ltd and Zhejiang Baihe Chemical Holding Group announced the expansion of the Hangzhou Baihe Clariant Pigments Co LTD joint venture by investing in a world-scale plant for the production of Quinacridone specialty organic pigments. The new plant will be built at the existing joint venture facility located in Hang Zhou City, Zhejiang Province (PRC).“The expansion of our highly successful Hangzhou Baihe Clariant Pigments Co LTD joint venture into the production of Quinacridone organic pigments is another move to clearly strengthen our position of market leaders in the field of high-performance organic pigments. With the commissioning of this world-scale plant we will be able to further support the growing demand for high-performance organic pigments and to better serve both our domestic Chinese and global customers” said Okke Koo, Head of Clariant’s Pigments and Additives Division.Mr. Chen Li Rong, Chairman of the board of Zhejiang Baihe Chemical Holding Group added, “The partnership between Baihe Chemical and Clariant has been proven very successful. So both parties have agreed to expand our cooperation from high-performance Azo organic pigments to Quinacridone and other high-performance organic pigments. At the same time Clariant will be responsible for marketing Quinacridone and other pigments on a worldwide basis.”Quinacridone organic pigments increasingly find a wide application in high-performance coatings - including architectural, automotive and industrial applications as well as plastics and printing applications.Hangzhou Baihe Clariant Pigments Co LTD currently operates a world-scale high-performance Azo organic pigments at the same site.
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