Look About You!
Date: Feb 24th, 2012 1:33:13 pm - Subscribe
Mood: surreal

How about a poem for the weekend?


Look About You!

A purple dog casts orange shade,
A black moon hangs in a silver sky,
My arms bake white in the brown sunlight
And I feel sounds with my eye.

Fish with feathers swarm the sea
And convex caves build the liquid land;
Three great whales and a horse with scales
Dance on the scarlet sand

We each live in a wonderland;
A blue to you is a red to me,
A shade is seen, and we call it green--

I know my world. It bores me so!
And I must bear it until I die,
While your everyday is a land of fey--
And you're as bored as I!

by Theodore Sturgeon
(Unknown, January 1940)

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