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I know I haven't been posting much lately. Not much exciting going on, really. I've just been reading through those old Barsoom books and such like. I still think it's ERB's best series and the imitations are just as fun for me. Aside from social attitudes they haven't dated as badly as some sf, probably because they're so deliberately escapist.

I forgot to watch Fringe last night. I guess that tells you something. I knew it was a X-Files pastiche from the beginning, but the last episode with the observer invasion story line has me ready to give up on it. Can we call it quits with the alien invasion plot lines, Hollywood? It seems like every other show or movie hangs its coat on that rusty hook. Enough already!

I watched Armitage III again the other day. Still really good, and still looks futuristic. The only thing is the mobiles all look really big. I don't think many people realized how quickly phones would shrink.
I think I'll watch something completely different next. Maybe Glass Fleet, La Legende du Vent de l'Univers. Any other good anime you think I should check out?

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