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[The phone rings, what more can you say?] Apr 7th, 2005 8:44:11 pm - Subscribe
Current Emotion | a little bit desolate.
I[heart]emo[music] | I know you won\'t ever admit that you fell for him, He never loved you back. Isn\'t it wonderful? So predictable? I told you so...

Why is it that people who don't normally irritate me, are? I tell ya, a few people DEFINITELY have gotten on my nerves this week. I can't wait to graduate from highschool. I want to leave these people... I don't want to be with most, even all, of them. I want to be handed that chance of making new friends in another place. I want to go far away, not come back... that would make me happy. There's nothing here in Fremont for me... not like there used to be. For the most part, I've figured out who I want to stay in contact with and who I will stay in contact with. I've learned who my real friends are and who I can never be friends with. I'm sure not that many people will miss me, they say so, but it all changes.

29 days and counting. *sigh*


[Chicago here I come.]

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marlene April 07th, 2005

I wanna get away too.

bloodtears April 07th, 2005

Ugh, I know how that feels. People irritating me and this town sucks. I like your background.

b14d3 April 08th, 2005

Ill miss you.

look_at_me April 08th, 2005

i know EXACTLY how you feel. where i am isn't cuttin' it for me either...

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