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Right. Jun 19th, 2005 2:18:22 pm - Subscribe
Current Emotion | done taking shit

So last night I finally really got to hang out with Paul and Amanda's friend Mary. I don't remember her last name right now. She's freaking awesome though and had us cracking up for hours!! Holy shit, I was up all night until 5 still enjoying her company. I think she's a good addition to our crew. She doesn't seem like the type to get us in trouble or anything, she's just like me! It's insane. And yes, I realized yesterday, I am an insane girl. [From what Otie asked me.]

Wow. Yesterday was a lot of fun. Being at the dam was a little cold. I probably shouldn't have crossed those rocks across the water... no, I really shouldn't have done that. I've got the bruises to prove it! I can't believe I just let Chris walk me over there, I mean, bad enough it was oddly spaced, pointy, rocks across water, but then muddy slippery rocks on an elevated angle, then some good dry flat rocks... and then... I realized that I was balancing myself on these broken trees that were high off the ground and nothing below but sharp rocks and water. Holy hell, that was fucking scary! I mean, I'm not afraid of heights, I just thought about the consequences of falling. I think it might be one of the few frightening events I've ever encountered in my young life.

These past few weeks have just been the shit. Honestly, nothing ever has and probably never will beat them. I've partied myself the fuck out. I'm really burnt out at this moment, I should get some sleep. And I'm so freaking excited about tonight! Jon's drinking party is going to freaking rock. I cannot express the excitement and happiness I feel. Truely something I've been looking forward to for the past couple of days.

Anyways... so I have this little xanga problem. Why can't people just stay out of my life a little? I'd like more than just a little bit of personal space. I'd like to be in charge of my life and fucking not have it run by my mother. She's just my mother, that's it. I could explain to you why I just said that crude statement, but I can't think of any nice way to put it. It's a long story that goes way back. I don't get along well with her anymore because of things she's done.

So today's fathers day. Fuck that.

Next subject... lalala. I'm going to make myself another online journal. I'm done with emoblog, I'm done with xanga. I'm done with fucking people, who I don't like, that keep tracking down everything I do.

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perfect110 June 19th, 2005

i'm glad you had a good time last night. and yeah that rock thingy sounds a little scary! glad you didn't fall. I'm sorry you don't have a good relationship with you mom... and i'm sorry everyone keeps finding out your business- same thing happened to me though- so thats why i started this one here at emoblog! lol perfect~

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