If Children Were Easter Eggs
Date: Apr 15th, 2006 6:24:07 pm - Subscribe

If only our children were Easter eggs.
Hidden safely in the grass.
We could search for them and pick them up. And hold them within our clasp.

We'd have a heavenly Easter egg hunt.
All with baskets in our hands.
Searching with a broken heart.
Only WE can understand.

"Oh, look I found your child over here".
"Hey, did anyone find mine?"
They are so beautifully colored.
And they sparkle and they shine..

These aren't your usual Easter eggs.
They each have their own special glow.
That comes from way down deep within. Only a grieving parent would know.

We gather up our special eggs.
With excitement all around.
For the gift that we've been given.
For the treasure we have found.

We all now stare with wonderment.
At our children that have died.
We want to hold them once again.
And release them from inside.

But we all begin to realize.
We have to crack their beautiful shell.
The one that makes them sparkle and glow. The one they have earned so well.

We know we can't destroy their beauty.
And take them from their place.
So we give them an understanding kiss.
As a tear runs down our face.

One by one we take our baskets.
With our beautifully colored eggs.
And place them gently in the grass.
As we turn and walk away.

We look back in amazement.
As our eggs begin to sing.
We see them flutter and move about.
"Look, our eggs all now have wings."

Then the Golden Egg begins to speak...
"Your children are safe with me."
"You'll be with them when the time is right."
"Together for all eternity."

We stand their in a circle of love.
As we look up to the sky.
Watching our radiant eggs take flight. Knowing our children didn't die.

~Author Unknown


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The Little Guest
Date: Apr 15th, 2006 6:19:03 pm - Subscribe


For a few brief happy days.
A child to us was given.
A gleam of sunshine in our lives.
A blessing sent from heaven.
But god who sent her must have loved her.
For he came one day.
Drew her gently to himself.
And carried her away.

She was never meant for us.
She stayed here for a while.
To charm us with her beauty.
And to cheer us with her smile.
She was sent a little guest.
From paradise above.
She was only lent to us.
To cherish and to love.


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Twinkles Thoughts
Date: Sep 27th, 2005 5:08:33 pm - Subscribe
Mood: beautiful


I was talking to someone about eyes and how they are the windows of the soul. How they can not lie, and how you can gauge someones thoughts by how their eyes react.

She wrote this which I thought was so beautiful it deserved a wider audience.

"To be able to too look into somones eyes, delve deep and entwine with their spirit and dance and make love with them with out ever touching" - twinkle 2005

Its a beautiful thought!!!!!


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I Am God!!
Date: Sep 25th, 2005 2:41:29 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Omnipotent


*I am God - The creator*

I can create the dreams that make life worth living. With one small flash of insperation I can give them life.

*I am God - The provider*

I nourish those dreams. I feed them and give them the space to grow. I protect those dreams from being dashed against the rocks of everyday life.

* I am God - The destroyer*

Without proper care and attention I can allow those dreams to flounder and die. I can destroy them just as easily as a snowflake vanishes in your hand.

Who on earth would want the responsibilty of creation?

*I am not God - I am man*


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Dreams #1
Date: Sep 25th, 2005 10:29:49 am - Subscribe
Mood: enlightened


Dreams can be beautiful but only when they are shared.
What good are dreams if only one is dreaming?
Hopes can be wonderful but only when they are shared.
What good are hopes if only one is hoping?


Dreams, hopes, desires, needs.
Each one nurtured, cherished, fulfilled.
Each new day brings with it new adventures.
New thoughts to be explored, new fears to be overcome.
Let me be the one to wake you every morning.
To face each new day with you at my side.
To face our fears and adventures together.


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Reverse esreveR
Date: Jan 15th, 2005 6:01:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: achy

Guess who hasn't been posting for a while? Thats right, me. And no there isn't a prize on offer so all those of you with your hands up can put them back down again. Unless your hands up because you need to go to the toilet. In which case why are you still sat here reading this? Why aren't you heading for the little boys/girls room?

I haven't posted for a while simply because I haven't had any information or thoughts that I felt like sharing. I have had lots of thoughts and feelings that I felt like keeping private however. So I wrote them down elsewhere.

So ends the first lesson.
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Date: Nov 2nd, 2004 2:58:38 am - Subscribe
Mood: troubled
Random Feelings: Deep In Thought

Is there somewhere in this vast expanse of stellar debris called the Universe, where I can just be me.
Not having to worry about everyday life, the trivial things we all seem to develop complex paranoia about.


Does it all really matter in the long run?
In a millennia from now, we will all be long forgotten, yes, even the most famous people on the planet will just be long distant footnotes in the annulls of time. Do the thoughts and feelings of the common man really have any relevance in all this?
God created the Universe in six days, and on the seventh day he rested.......maybe, just maybe, he should have devoted that seventh day to answering a few of the questions his previous 144 hours of effort had produced.


Maybe then I wouldn't have to spend so much time trying to find the answers when I don't even know the questions.

If somebody told you that everything they said was a lie........would you believe them?

Think about it!


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For My Fan Club
Date: Nov 1st, 2004 4:36:53 pm - Subscribe
Mood: appreciated

This post is just for you.
A little somewhere in the realms of cyberspace that is forever dedicated to your kind words.
The very fact that you read the words and feel the need to respond is reason enough to write.
Your pretty 'awesome' yourself.....Is this going to turn into a mutual appreciation society?
I don't really mind if it does.
I read your blogs as well.....maybe I don't feel the need to respond quite as much as you......but your words touch a place in my heart all the same.
You keep writing as well.......because as long as you have words to express your feelings, you will never be short of a way to gain new friends.
Take care My #1 Fan

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Date: Oct 30th, 2004 2:40:15 pm - Subscribe


Endless dark thoughts.
Occupy the hours.
A handful of wasted dreams.
Trapped in ivory towers.
Not a word, not a murmour.
To ease my worried mind.
Looking in usual places.
Dreading what I may find.
So I sit and I wonder.
What secrets you can not tell.
What doubts and what fears.
What troubles have befell.

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Date: Oct 25th, 2004 9:12:20 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Like Shit


Only a deranged madman is up at this time of night writing weblogs.
Welcome to the world of The Deranged Mind.
And before you ask I actually have the website to prove it.
I don't know what to write, I lay in bed an hour ago, unable to sleep. Thoughts hurtling through my mind like a runaway train. And this train is heading for the curve in the track at too fast a speed.

Why oh why are children so able to press just the right buttons, not meaning to, but pressing them all the same. As I drove home in the driving rain it was as if the heavens were crying for me, they were producing the tears I was unable to shed.

I promised long ago I would never cry again, because nothing would ever hurt so much again. But tonight came close. Maybe in the future I should just wait for cloudy sky's and do my crying in the rain.

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Cascading Emotions
Date: Oct 23rd, 2004 5:58:15 pm - Subscribe

A million thoughts go whizzing through my mind.
A waterfall of emotions cascading down onto the rocks of doubt below.
Do I free my heart, allow it to soar to heights beyond measure?
Aware that at any time, without warning, it may plummet back to earth.

Am I guilty of thinking with my heart?
Of creating a fantasy that reality can't live up to.
Or is the future already ours to share, to enjoy as one.
If only we are brave enough to take those first few faltering steps.

When love is tested, pushed to its limits and beyond.
And that love still shines through the darkness.
Is that love then strong enough to carry us through the difficult times ahead.
Can that love see us through the wilderness of uncertainty.

When I look in your eyes I see the stars.
When I look at the stars I see only your eyes.
Listen to your heart, Is it whispering my name?
Or is that just a heartbeat? A sign of life not love.

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What To Write
Date: Oct 23rd, 2004 11:02:26 am - Subscribe
Mood: okay

I want to write.
I sit here with a blank page in front of me.
And all the wonderful thoughts that occupy my mind, the myriad of abstract thoughts that whizz aound inside of my head....vanish.

I am unsure what to write, my heart says ...yes...this is the most wonderful thing to happen to me in a long time, my heart is ready to take on the world for you, or die trying.

My head is screaming out ....no... too many warning signs, red flags, danger signals. Too many unanswered questions, too much water under the bridge.

Do I listen to my head or my heart?

I know what I want.
But in trying to get what I want, do I put myself in a position to be hurt.
To have my emotions twisted round me, to have my heart cut to ribbons by a foolish decision.

I carry secrets with me, as do you.
I carry heartache with me, as do you.
I carry love with me, as do you.
I carry hope with me, as do you.

I will move mountains to be with you.
I will fight armies to stay there.
But sometimes those mountains and armies are only in my mind.
That is when I need you to be strong.

For someone who didn't know what to write I seem to have found quite a bit to write about.

I can not give you gold. I can not give you diamonds.
I can only give you that which you already own....my heart.

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Beautiful Words
Date: Oct 21st, 2004 6:16:11 pm - Subscribe
Mood: wonderful
Random Feelings: (reprinted from elsewhere)

Beautiful words.
Spoken from the heart.
Made my icy heart melt.
Washed away the doubts.
Banished all the fears.
Restored belief.
Now comes the hard part.

Knowing when the time is right.
Rebuilding trust, rebuilding faith.
The process has begun, it will take time.
But the first steps have been made.

You've wandered lately, like that little lost child.
Testing love, trying to prove it wrong.
Seeing how far you could go until it broke.
My love does not break, it bends like the willow.
No matter how hard you push, it will bend.
And still bounce back.

You are a tiny flower, petals reopening after the storm.
Seeking nourishment, seeking light and warmth.
I am the sun, open yourself to my light.
And you will grow strong again.


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Secrets Told
Date: Oct 21st, 2004 5:39:29 pm - Subscribe
Random Feelings: happier than words can express

Secrets told, fears revealed.
Love grows strong, wounds are healed.
Hearts beat strong, two as one.
Love grows deeper, doubts are gone.

We can't look back, the past is gone.
Future's brighter, let's move on.
Hand in hand, two hearts entwined
Dreams and hopes and fears combined.

I will be strong, your rock, your 'One'.
I'll hold you tight, until doubt is gone.
My strength will banish all your fears.
My love will wipe away the tears.

In the years to come, we will recall.
This was the night that started it all.
You spoke the words from deep within.
Opened your heart and let me in.
I have the keys to your heart.
I am going to lock your heart away.
Deep inside my heart.
Where no one can hurt you again.
For as long as my heart beats.
Yours will be protected.
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Who Knows What\'s Right
Date: Oct 21st, 2004 12:16:03 pm - Subscribe

Who knows what's right?
Who knows what's wrong?
What will work and what will fail?
Who really knows where they belong?

Who knows what thoughts drive us on?
Who knows what thoughts hold us back?
Who understands the inbetweens?
The different shades from white to black.

To know yourself is never easy.
To know another is harder still.
What drives them on, what keeps them needing?
What things won't work, and what things will?

I cannot speak for another.
I can only speak my mind.
I can only be myself.
And hope they like, that which they find.

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Date: Oct 21st, 2004 9:38:17 am - Subscribe

There are two kinds of strength.
The strength to lead and the strength to follow.
The strength to control and the strength to yield.

There are two kinds of power.
The power to strip another soul bare and
the power to stand naked.


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My Breath Of Air
Date: Oct 20th, 2004 5:41:08 pm - Subscribe
Mood: touched

A windstorm can dance in four conflicting directions
Touching all at will.
Yet the gentle winds when I think of you
Are the only winds to truly engulf Me.
They quietly slip beyond my thoughts and hide within my soul
Capturing all that is within Me.
And the though of you takes away My breath
It is not your body that intrigues Me
But your inter self
And yet,
only your smile can make
Me genuinely breathe again.

written by Sir Silver


I keep finding beautiful words today.

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The Four Gifts
Date: Oct 20th, 2004 4:15:22 pm - Subscribe
Random Feelings: Beautiful Words

The Four Gifts

She kneels before her Master's feet
and looks into His eyes
searching for the truth she needs
as she vows to Him her life

Four packages lay on the floor
all are wrapped with love
she reaches low to place the first
in the lap of the one she adores
opened as quickly as He had won it

He views her heart inside,
it's yours my love and has been
since the day you held me to your side

The second gift is smaller
the paper silver gilt
tis just my mind, she whispers
yours to do with as you will

The third one is small and compact
white paper, small white bow
she watches as He opens
and whispers...and now, you own my soul

She bends to pick the last gift up
and trembles as she holds it
small tears of love run down her face
this gift has been the hardest

He smiles at her and reaches
and watches the gift dissolve
Master, my love, she whispers
this gift is more than just my love
it can't be held
it can't be wrapped
The gift is my surrender
Author Unknown

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If I Can Dream
Date: Oct 20th, 2004 3:27:36 pm - Subscribe
Mood: quiet

My dreams would revolve around you, just like the earth revolves around the sun.
Your were my sun, your love the life sustaining heat. Your smile the light that illuminated my darkness.
My dreams would involve the moon and stars, fellow inhabitents of the celestial sky.
My dreams would involve the moonlight and all its wondeous shadows in which to hide.
My dreams would involve the oceans, that lap against the shores. And of walking on the edge of the surf with you, the cool water on our toes, washing grains of sand away and off across the seas. To once more appear on some foriegn shore. In my dreams we would be those grains, cast adfrift upon the seas to roam this earth together.

I can dream

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Feel The Need
Date: Oct 20th, 2004 11:06:28 am - Subscribe
Random Feelings: Universe 2004

Have you ever felt the need to scream?
To fill your lungs and yell and shout.
Have you ever felt the need to scream?
But not known how to let it out.

Have you ever felt the need to cry?
Tears forming, never flowing.
Have you ever felt the need to cry?
But then held back for fear of showing.

Have you ever felt that pain inside?
The burning ache of one heart broken.
Have you ever felt that pain inside?
But let that longing remain unspoken.

They say in time these feelings pass.
And maybe someday these feelings will.
They say in time these feelings pass.
But why 'o' why does time stand still?

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