Friend or foe?
Dec 2nd, 2006 7:22:56 am - Subscribe
feeling feverish

i have shifted goodbye!
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Its been too long.
Apr 22nd, 2006 4:14:46 am - Subscribe
feeling feverish
Grooving to: I could have danced all night

Another three weeks have passed.That means we are halfway through.

Things have changed a lot.I mean,my Life is now the army,army,army(which,sadly,kills my social life).No actually,i think army makes me so tired i don't feel like answering phone calls or replying to messages.And i wish people understand why i keep cancelling meetups or sometimes disappearing altogether(because i am constantly tired and nothing beats sleeping).

Tonight i book in for guard duty.On a SATURDAY night.How apt...The written test and interview at NTU today sucked shit,i wrote rubbish and spoke nonsense.So that means,goodbye to you SCI.

Some things are better off left this way.Making any more effort just means the next fall would be harder to withstand.

Oh no,depression mode is back again.Started 5 mins ago.
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