Guess who\'s back!
Date: Sep 14th, 2005 8:44:35 pm - Subscribe
Mood: upbeat
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Mendelssohn Concerto in E Minor 3rd Movement

Yay! grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif
The first and main PAC opening concert is tonight
After dozens of hours of practicing and rehearsing, the time has come to put our effort to the ultimate test! grin.gif
There will be several concerts, but this one is the best. tounge.gif

Anyhoo. Off that topic.

I have a rehearsal on Sunday. Bummaz. cry.gif

So yeah. I've been fine. Nothing much happening. Feeling happy as usual! grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif

Well, I g2g now. Cya! grin.gif

BTW who LUVS that song by The Veronicas; '4 Ever' ?
I LOVE IT!!! tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif

Ok cya for real... grin.gif
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Hi! So excited about the new building!!!
Date: Aug 21st, 2005 7:21:20 pm - Subscribe
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Mendelssohn E Minor 3rd Movement

Wow! Haven't written for ages!
Guess WHAT?! The Performing Arts Centre has been completed! It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It's huge- four storeys high, and three storeys underground, with a huge theatre which seats over 7000 people! The theatre is HUGE, with an orchestra pit that can be lowered and raised, an extendable stage, plush seats, opera boxes, a HUGE stage with top-of-the-range lighting and flyrails, control boxes, and thousands more things! The building even has a lift, and it also connects to the old building. There are rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms, offices, halls, lockers, film studios and recording studios underground. The whole thing is massive, modern, expensive and plush beyond description! It cost over $3 million dollars in total to build!
Phew! That building is like a PALACE!!! tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif
Ok. I've finished raving about it...OH IT'S SO COOL AND WE GET TO REHEARSE IN THERE EVERY SINGLE DAY AND OMG IT IS THE COOLEST BEST GREATEST MOST WONDERFUL PLAC3E ON EARTH!...And this is coming out of me; somebody who is cynical, unapprecieative, skeptical and disinterested in most things. But I am blown away and impressed beyond belief by this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif

Ok. Anyway. I have orchestra rehearsal today at lunch. YAY! IN THE NEW BUILDING! grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif

Better go now! Have a great day! I know I will! tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif
Cya! tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif tounge.gif grin.gif

By the way, I just wanted to point out how, for some inexplicable reason, I'm so much happier these days! For the past few months I have been feeling so much happier. Read back to the first few blogs. Read from the earliest to now. Isn't it wierd how I just get happier and happier? I reckon that's a good thing!!! Go on, read through from the earliest to now! It's interesting!
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Date: Jul 26th, 2005 5:47:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood: splendid
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Mendelessohn E Minor

Meh. Still happy!
And guess WHAT...
I recorded at last! Yay! grin.gif cool.gif tounge.gif

So I'm even happier now! grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif

As someone commented, all this happiness can only be good for me! I think part of what is making me so happy is the gorgeous weather: sunny, mild, completely blue sky etc.
Ok, I'm gonna sneeze- (sneeze) -I feel better now!
Ok then, better get back to my happy happy happy life!
grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif

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Happy and hungry!
Date: Jul 25th, 2005 7:54:40 pm - Subscribe
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Chaconne

tounge.gif Hi everyone! tounge.gif
Still in a happy mood!
I'm playing Mathletics, and I'm not too bad at it now! grin.gif cool.gif
Happy happy happy! grin.gif
I have music after recess! Yaaay! >>I may or may not suggest a class concert- haven't had one in ages! Have an URGE to perform!
Ugh. Just found out that Chorale- which I am in- MUST attend ALL FOUR CONCERTS for the opening of the Performing Arts Building in September! Aaaagh! eep.gif
Should be fun though! grin.gif cool.gif
Happy happy happy! grin.gif
Ok, what should I talk about now?
I know! Breakfast!
Mmm. Now I'm hungry!
Tomatoes, mushrooms, potato, egg, all fried separately, and then on toast with a glass of cold orange juice! YUM! tounge.gif
Or French toast or pancakes or waffles or english muffins or omelettes or bacon and eggs or singapore noodles or miso soup or milo cereal or toast or pikelets or birthday cake or dosa or cheese toast or museli bars or danish pastries or fritters or fruit....the list goes on, so I'll just write etc.etc.etc.etc.
grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif YUUUUUUUM!!!!!!!!!! tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif

Ok better go now! Bye!!!! grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif

tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif SO HUNGRY NOW! tounge.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif
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Date: Jul 24th, 2005 7:31:08 pm - Subscribe
Mood: amazingly, indescribably, explosively elated!
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Chaconne!

I just couldn't help myself! tounge.giftounge.giftounge.giftounge.giftounge.giftounge.giftounge.gif
I am sooo happy today, for so many reasons that I can't describe them all! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
Ahhh, I've been grinning so much that my cheeks hurt, laughing so much that my stomach hurts, and giggling so much that I just CAN'T STOP! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tounge.gifgrin.giftounge.gifgrin.giftounge.gifgrin.giftounge.gifgrin.giftounge.gifgrin.gif
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Good morning!
Date: Jul 24th, 2005 6:05:32 pm - Subscribe
Mood: splendid
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Chaconne for recording

Hi everyone! grin.gif
Sorry I haven't written for ages- been overseas to Europe etc. in that time.
Progressing well with my music. Hopefully I will get my recording completed by next week. If I don't, I still have a chance next week. The deadline is early August- I've forgotten the day. Got it written down somewhere. cool.gif
So much has happened!
I now have wireless internet. REALLY cool! tounge.gif
Chaconne is sounding good, and, as I said, will be recorded soon!
How weird is Aeonity blog? Emo is a better name. Shorter. Remided me of Elmo from Sesame Street.
Ok then, I'd better go. tounge.gif
Cya! grin.gif cool.gif tounge.gif
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Long time no blog!
Date: May 12th, 2005 6:10:55 pm - Subscribe
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Chaconne... SOO BORING!!!

Heya everyone!
Good news (and bad news)...
Okay... I'll start with the bad news so that I can end on a happy note happy.gif
Bad News:
1. My yahoo email no longer works at school.
2. I'm not going to the Gala Concert in June.
3. I missed the General Audition thing (heehee!)
4. I still haven't got new rosin sad.gif
5. I have an extra rehearsal each week for the next month! Noooo! sad.gif
1. I managed to make space between numerous rehearsals to join and go to Chorale (finally), although this means I have to go to Choir on Wednesdays as well.
2. Ummm... well, that's all the good news, coz not much has been happening tounge.gif

Ok then g2g now!
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Heeeheee... haven\'t written for AGES!
Date: May 3rd, 2005 6:25:22 pm - Subscribe
Mood: glittery
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Chaconne

Wow! Aaaages since I last wrote! grin.gif

Weeeell, I got my mute and I even got a beautiful new bow, but still no rosin!
But I still need a humidifier and maybe some peg wax.
I have a lot of music theory to do over the next few weeks. But I should be able to get it over and done with relatively quickly.
Oh, btw, I forgot my violin yesterday for orchestra... but I borrowed someone else's. I also have Chamber Orchestra tomorrow morning.
I have the School Production tonight at 6. I'm doing hair and make-up because I gave up my acting/singing role tounge.gif
And so I should go now anyway. Cya!
I will TRY to write again within the next month at least! tounge.gif
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mEh...FeElInG rAnDoM
Date: Apr 4th, 2005 12:00:52 am - Subscribe
Mood: reeaally random
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Chaconne & Orchestra stuff

In geog.
Oh, the bell has gone.

PS: Ensemble Concert tomoz... leadin with Ness... AAAAAAARRRGGHHHHH!!!!
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Date: Apr 3rd, 2005 7:34:59 pm - Subscribe
Mood: random
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Chaconne & other stuff

Ensemble concert tommorrow.
I'm leading the orchestra.
Must practice.
Already had my birthday.
April fools was fun.

That says it all.

Bye. tounge.gif
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Date: Apr 3rd, 2005 7:22:28 pm - Subscribe
Mood: sheepish
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: Chaconne

This is short-

Sorry I haven't written for ages. Been sooo busy.

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Sorry; been so long since I last wrote!
Date: Mar 8th, 2005 3:33:53 pm - Subscribe
Mood: fresh
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: T. Vitali Chaconne, M.T. Paradis Sicilienne, and Fritz Kreisler Schon Rosmarin

Yes... so it's been like, 2 days. A LONG time, considering I write every day except weekends.
Guess what?!
PAC will still be on! grin.gif grin.gif grin.gif
But... dammit... that means I have the challenging task of choosing between Schon Rosmarin and Sicilienne to play. I COULD sing, but I've already sung for PAC. This one will be rather special; violin instead of singing. However, I know that this may mean tougher competition.
I'm not there to try to win, I'm there to build my stage confidence, performing quality, and most of all, TO HAVE FUN! tounge.gif

Sooo... I'm in a good mood this time. And my birthday is in... lets see...6 days. Yay!
Should I still ask for rosin? And maybe a mute? Or should I keep borrowing my brother's...? tounge.gif
Oh... early moring orchestra tommorrow. But that's cool, coz I have dance the day after grin.gif
Yay... gonna see all my good buddies again on the weekend! We're going to meet up at Lydia's place, and the go to orchestra together and go shopping after.

Well then, I gotta scoot.
See y'all l8a!
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:P Well, I said I\'d write back! Grrr...
Date: Mar 6th, 2005 5:39:29 pm - Subscribe
Mood: lousy
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: T. Vitali Chaconne

And so I'm back. Hello.


Oh crap, I just remembered; I have two assignments due this week for school! *damn*
Orchestra tomorrow
Violin tonight
I hope the conductor's in a good mood at least...

Grrr... I feel so irritable. Tired, stressed, annoyed... all because of damn violin rehearsal last night.

Well, g2g. BYE. angry.gif angry.gif
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Date: Mar 6th, 2005 3:45:59 pm - Subscribe
Mood: bored
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: T.Vitali Chaconne

Sooo tired guys. Sorry I was't on MSN last night... I had violin rehearsal... boooring...

Well, I still haven't replaced my rosin. And my birthday is soon tounge.gif
Mehehe... my brother broke his violin A-String this morning... and I conveniently 'forgot' how to fix it grin.gif
I need to get my spare bow restrung. It's like BROWN now! Also, I lost my mute, so I need a new one. My case has developed a small split in the corner- *praying it won't fall apart*.

My violin teacher was playing in a Sydney Symphony Orchestra concert last night... the Beethoven concert again... and so she must be REALLY tired. I think she might have a concert tonight as well... I hope she's not in a bad mood when it's time for my lesson!

Anyway, I g2g fast. Write back soon! tounge.gif
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Date: Mar 3rd, 2005 3:50:38 pm - Subscribe
Mood: tired, talented and TALKATIVE!
[::c u r r e n t l y:: p r a c t i s i n g::]: T.Vitali Chaconne

I'm rather tired after going to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Beethoven concert in the Sydney Opera House.
My violin teacher was playing in it (she's in SSO). I almost fell asleep. Actually, I DID!

I went to the concert a bit late- it had already started.
I arrived at about 9:10, fell asleep at 9:30, slept for about 10 minutes, watched the concert for a while, fell asleep again, then woke up, then watched the concert, and then went home.
Before the concert I was on MSN to my buddies.
And NO, you may not have my email grin.gif
I'm not sure if there will actually be a PAC concert this year. sad.gif There seems to be nothing on the Performing Arts notice board about it, and nobody has done any 'advertising' for it. Maybe I won't have to practise up a piece then... how convenient!
Anyhoo, it would have been fun... sad.gif

Well, I've memorised half of the first page of T.Vitali Chaconne, so I'm not doing too badly.

I should do something else now. Cya then...

Write back later! grin.gif grin.gif tounge.gif tounge.gif

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