Lower back pains.
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So it is exceptionally cold here at my desk this morning. The boiler is struggling to meet our overbearing expectations, and so I am sitting with a space heater wrapped around my legs, and fancy magic mitts on my hands. They are purple.

Life has been somewhat fanciful as of late. With babies, and grown-ups, and this insessant cold.

It hit -1'F on the weekend. I am pretty well thinking that even Siberia would be warmer... I was reading an article today oddly enough about Chernobyl. It made me smile and think of the empty and barreness of it.

To think, that there is a place is this ever expanding world of ours that isn't sought after, and doesn't reek of overpopulation. And the only reason it escapes humanity is because it so heavily radiated.

Nature has moved on however... The grass is green, the wildlife lives happily...

Its as close to peace as this world will see...

...I hear though, you can book guided tours.
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