beach tomorrow
Date: Aug 6th, 2006 12:05:32 am - Subscribe
Mood: stellar

im really excited basically.
i love the beach.
so i think it will be a ton of fun.
and perfectttttt. <3 <3

this week i work like forever and a half.
tuesday: 6 to close
wednesday: noon to 5
thursday: 6 to close
saturday: 7 to close
sunday: 5 to close

so assuming i get out at 11:15 for closing....
thats a little over twentyfive hours
mmmm. <3 that pay checkkk

i wonder what else ill do this week.
soccer starts the 14th.
so next monday. aghhhhh.
im soo excited!!!!!!!!!!!

guess who i talked to today?
julia. i know right????
i mean, its cool & its not like we are friends or anything......
but i just imed her to wish her luck with cheerleading since ive been through the wrath of carolyn moser & all
and she just let me know that she didnt hate me
so i guess thats good?
lol. w/e i doubt we will ever be friends.
but its nice not to be on bad terms with her.

alright well time to go read.
went to the library and got these books:
1. madame bovary
2. last chance saloon by marian keyes
3. secrets of the morning by v.c.andrews
4. the tragedy of miss genera flowers
5. confessions of a sociopathic socail climber by adele lang
6. drop dead gorgeous by anna cheska
7. rain by v.c. andrews (ive read it before but ya know)

alright time to go start reading then.
good night.
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