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life is full of problems....

May 25th, 2007 2:07:24 pm - Subscribe

how can you face the problem if your problem is your face
get a fucking cosmetic surgery you fucking atention seeking neanderthal bitch
or if you cant afford one, get a brown bag and poke holes in the eyes as a mask.at the same time wear spandex and be a superhero who calls himself"THE UGLY SUPERFICIAL MAN"
hope your happy reading this you faggot you queer.you think youre better at getting girls, you think youre fucking smart. you think just coz you make money more than I do, just coz u think u drive a nice cat, but it looks shitty and dirty like your face,
just because being in a band or having expensive gadgets
doesnt make you look cool. you are a fat ass asian mutherfucker
besides you cant even play, you a fucking poser, you look like a FOB, you wanna be an American, get a fucking facial surgery!!!!!
have a nice day and dont be mad,its the truth.grow some self esteem, try to be real and yes dont worry about your face
its god gift from women to you (for them to spit on, punch, kick,step on dormat,rat bait,to be puked upon...)
im not being superficial
its just how reallity works.
i know before i wrote this I looked at the mirror,
so follow my advice and have a goodlife
mood: complicated
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burn your friends!!!!!!!!!

Apr 16th, 2007 7:12:08 pm - Subscribe

sometimes I wonder, i really deserve to be alone.despite all the people around me, im just like blah...i really missed that side of the old me who was once a loner, has no friends and yes fucking coldhearted and apathetic as usual.but things have changed.im not fallin into that same pit before.well you'll all asume that this had gotten to be my sort of defense mechanism for all this madness and mockery that he ever felt but not. people use you, people take advantage of you and when youve had enough and your tough hide comes up, youre considered an asshole,wow what a world were living in.it sucks to be nice isnt it?
Ive come to a point were Ive been called a snub, well i am really, i rarely greet people no matter how close we have been with before, its just my style and i prefer being greeted instead but really im just ok...old friends have bumped into me and yep they get the same reaction alll the time. besides when people come up to me and try to be friends, im the least talkative one.
im not really into opening up and shit like as if i would like to hear about your oh-so dramatic-miserable life like the fuck i care.
each day I deal with the same bulshit all the time no matter if its in the internet or at school or everywhere I go.
im really gettin bored with all the same people i hang out with yet it seems like they like my company err maybe I am smarter than them or I look cooler or whatnot, but i guess the only factor is that I talk to much.my mouth is like a magazine, an open ended source of useless information that has only a mere function : for your amusement and time filler.you can listen all you want or ignore me at all, i really could careless.Each time some people talk to me online, I face the same bulshit words all the time.
"oh I missed you,...long time no see, how are ya? ...etc.." as if it's your business to know and how would you miss me if you dont even talk to me and say hi or whatever.and yes l"ong time no see"? as if i have plans to meet you unless Im gonna get laid with ya but youre not even my type to begin with. Ive had my enough share of ugly, fat white girls that Ive messed with that i totally regret fucking with.arrrghh, it just makes me puke just to think of it. and whats really funny and makes me wanna puke blood while laughing my guts out is that when a girl suddenly pokes back at you like "were friends right?" right after youve made out and shit, i mean fuck that whole load of bulcrap.
mood: sadistic
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far from perfect

Apr 16th, 2007 6:28:52 pm - Subscribe

It's so simple. I don't know why I never thought of life like this before. Adversity is bound to get in the way of your plans. But instead of whining about it or letting my negative emotions get the best of me, I will know that whatever life throws my way, it's not an unexpected roadblock. It's simply part of my journey but often times I am on the verge of giving up or either not giving a shit about it at all. Ive had my fair share of rough moments and each day it just doubles up with me consciously knowing it. And I would not deal with these problems well.But I am far from unique in this facet of life. Everyone has gone through their share of hardships. Though I like to think I've gone through some pretty tough times, in the end, I am very lucky and privileged to be where I am today. It's probably safe to assume that someone in say like ten fucking years or so I could just laugh at it on where I am now. But still I am falling into a shallow path coupled with such dimishing thoughts of self assimilation and such. I really recluse this based on what I think.Often times I feel that my whole body is depleting of its sources.I really can't wait for another whole year of what's new to come.I dont think I'll live for another couple years. I keep thinking life is short and whats more to come?
mood: sadistic
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worst comes to worst.

Apr 16th, 2007 6:06:45 pm - Subscribe

i really have no talent when it comes to relationships.
i dunno if im just really scared to be attached or im just totally apathetic still regarding about caring for someone,urgghh
im done with these
im outta dramaland for now
mood: inquisitive
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it's been awhile really

Apr 16th, 2007 5:51:45 pm - Subscribe

but i could care less
i dont blog on this site as much as i used to before
having 5 online journals at once just makes my brain flip when im wriiting
mood: delirious
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