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life is full of problems....

May 25th, 2007 2:07:24 pm - Subscribe

how can you face the problem if your problem is your face
get a fucking cosmetic surgery you fucking atention seeking neanderthal bitch
or if you cant afford one, get a brown bag and poke holes in the eyes as a mask.at the same time wear spandex and be a superhero who calls himself"THE UGLY SUPERFICIAL MAN"
hope your happy reading this you faggot you queer.you think youre better at getting girls, you think youre fucking smart. you think just coz you make money more than I do, just coz u think u drive a nice cat, but it looks shitty and dirty like your face,
just because being in a band or having expensive gadgets
doesnt make you look cool. you are a fat ass asian mutherfucker
besides you cant even play, you a fucking poser, you look like a FOB, you wanna be an American, get a fucking facial surgery!!!!!
have a nice day and dont be mad,its the truth.grow some self esteem, try to be real and yes dont worry about your face
its god gift from women to you (for them to spit on, punch, kick,step on dormat,rat bait,to be puked upon...)
im not being superficial
its just how reallity works.
i know before i wrote this I looked at the mirror,
so follow my advice and have a goodlife
mood: complicated
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