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Hello Everyone !

When i go slipping and sliding into the beautiful memory lanes of my maternal family, the memories that warm me are the earliest memories of childhood spent with Ajoba and Aaji.
Ajoba used to play teacher and student with me. I used to teach him ABC and clearly remember having the feeling that he didnt know ABC. And now when i remember it, it seems so silly. He was an educator, ofcourse he knew ABC ! But the heart he put into the game warms me.
He used to take me out to the bazaar and buy me lozenges and Parle-G all the time. That still means a lot to me. We used to worship together. He had this elaborate ritual that i loved to watch. I still remember the small dev ghar.He was a good child hood friend and i miss him.

Aaji was a bundle of joy and love. Small things made her happy. Her kids and grandkids were the love of her life. Once i was missing her and so Aai suggested to write to her. I WROTE TO HER IN MARATHI. ME.....who never knew the A of Marathi...wrote to her in all can imagine the number of mistakes I must have made in it. But i did not know about the mistakes....matter of fact i was very proud of the fact that i did a good job ...i was little !!!....and posted the letter.

Many years later when i met Aaji she very sweetly took out this very worn letter and told me " I still read it sometimes".....I was touched.....i read the letter and when i saw all the mistakes that i had made in it....i was so touched that she did not even mention it.....but we laughed over it.
We had a hard time communicating......she did not know english and hindi and i did not know marathi very well......but we managed. I still remember the pain staking efforts my Aai took to teach us marathi so that we could talk to Aaji.

I remember Aaji coming to orissa with Suresh Mama and Shaku Maushi ( I was in love with Shaku Mavshi). Remember Aajis thin frame and her long hair. She always used to be so amused and proud of all the things we could do. I was being rude to AAi once and she reprimanded me. I still feel that she was so correct in reprimanding me that time.
I had been to Sudha Mamas place one time with Baba. I had been very sick and was rail thin. Aaji was like...." Eat this and eat that"....she wanted to stuff me the whole time and the surprising thing is i never refused anything that she offered. I was having a pig out. Her love, coaxing and care was so touching.
And this is so funny.......she asked me if i knew how to cook.......(now very few people in the family believe that i can cook or that i could cook ) .....and i said yes......she was very surprised....she cud not believe it.......she asked " polya pan"....i replied
"yes"....and guess what....she asked me to make some coz she was so baffled....that was a very funny experience for me. She was so much in awe just because i cud make some polis. The simple things in life !! Uncomplicated.

I remember one time there was this "ghata party" we had at Sudha Mama and Hima Mami's place. Aaji was cooking up ghata in this HUGE patela. And there were so many of us. But Suresh Mama was not there and i heard Aaji say many a times..."Suresh nahi aahe, tyala khup awatah ghata". I was so touched that she remembered her son so fondly coz he was not there to have ghata. That ghata was one of the tatiest ones i had in life. I still remember it very distinctly.

Whenever Aai visited Faizpur....Aaji would gift her things. She would give her anything and everything. I always felt she was so much into giving that she always put her children above her...and Aai would cherish those gifts. They were always dear to her heart. But i guess Aai took it from Aaji...whatever we children would ask...she would lovingly and willingly give us everything..even if her Aai had painstakingly kept aside the gift for her since years.

I miss apla faizpur cha ghar also very much. The house itself, that galli, the people who lived in the galli when i used to visit faizpur with mom. The third floor was an exploring ground for me. It was this mysterious place that kept calling to me and Aaji had to eventually tell me that there were snakes there to keep me from going there. Even now i feel like going and checking it out. The second floor still amazes me to remember that there was a washing room there (bathroom...of neighbours in the back) with no roof !!! Not that i saw anyone but a bathroom with no roof !!??!! The peru cha jhad......the futile trying to get to the i remember doing something bad.....there is this open window in the roof for the kitchen...i have dropped some "Mati" from there and got some sound hearing for it too. The balcony was also a favourite place for me to hang. The sightings of the mongoose in the vacant plot beside the house also interested me. Boy !! There was some mongoose population in faizpur.
I have so many memories !! How much can i say ??!! i wonder.
I loved the stone steps to the house and the wooden steps to the second floor. I loved the pillars. I guess...i love that house. The reflections of sitting on the steps in the evenings and hearing the dulcet sound of the sparrows in the peepal tree and sleeping in front of the house in a little charpoi have made a permanent home in my heart. It cannot be described.

It used to feel so good.....we all would gather there in Summers and just have a good time. I cannot begin to describe how sad i feel that i did not make it to Faizpur most summers as much as i could have. The void of memories that i could have collected ...i guess that void can never be filled and the regret will always remain. I feel sad that i had never heard the terms "Beduk uday"....."pattein"....never palyed zabbu with you all....and most of all i guess....that i never went to Songad...i have heard such good things about Songad......i truly feel sorry ...and thats why i feel very glad about the fact that we have this blog and we are in touch with each other aleast virtually.

I guess this is enough of an emotional outburst today......I want to write so much more about the people who have touched my life and are so doing even now.....but i will get to it later. I am a big time procastinator !

Regds and love to you all,

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Papa - sandip.

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We were in Akola. Our home was a simple 3 rooms in a row, like railway compartments. We were quite poor. Papa worked as Medical Representative and we had lots of medical cartons so arranged to be used as chairs and table. I was in my KGs (kindergarten, maybe 4-6 years of age).
Papa is strict, a man of discipline. There was a bottle washing brush, with thin metallic cane as a handle to it. That cane was used to scare me and teach me discipline at times. I was a very stubborn child, I know myself. I do not remember all, I was too young then, but some incidences do leave their foot-prints on mind. I am describing one such an event of my life.

Papa had whole Akola district to represent his pharmaceutical company. He would often start early and would cover as many towns/villages as possible. He used to return late night, completely exhausted. He is a very hard working man. He used to forget or have no time to have lunch. Skipping lunch was quite normal on his out-of-akola work tours.

It was one such a day. Papa had left early. I do not remember which towns he was going to cover that day. When I woke up, he was already gone. I was sick and was in bed. I felt very tired and I almost slept whole day. Mom has always been my most favorite family person, but for some reason that day, I wanted - papa! I started bugging momy sometime past mid-afternoon. She tried to explain me, but stubborn as I was, it was hard for her.

I do not remember what hour of the day it was, probably at around 11:00 PM, Papa returned home. I saw him and I was happy. He looked at me, smiled and sat by my side. He asked me if I was feeling any better. I could see great concern on his face. For some unknown reason I felt relaxed to see him concerned. I was really very sick.

He freshened up, I do not remember if he had any dinner. When I retreated from my slumber for a while past mid night, I saw him sitting beside me. He was gently, lovingly waving his hand over my head. I would always fall asleep when he did that. The magic unfailingly worked this time as well.

I do not remember how often I woke up that night. But then, I woke up and it was morning. I moved my head, it felt very heavy. To my surprise I saw papa asleep, just beside me. He was sitting on the floor, with his head resting on the corner of my bed and his hand over my head. I felt huge comfort in the warmth of his love and care!

I got well in next 2 or 3 days after this incident. I cannot recollect of any pain from the cane-handle of bottle-wash-brush, but I definitely can still feel papa's love for me. I cherish the very fact that I have a person like him in my life as my father - as my papa!
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Where are we? - Uday

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@ July, 2005

Baltimore - Savita
Buffalo - Meghu
Calgary - Shilpa
Houston - Uday (not currently)
Minneapolis - Uday
New York - Sandip
Toronto - Niranjan
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US - Uday

Jun 25th, 2005 3:06:39 pm - Subscribe

All the cousins:
(Sanjuda and Shilpa, can you edit the order if I am wrong)


(Sorry Savita, you can't be in the list. You are NIECE to all of us wink.gifhappy.gif
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Sushil - Uday

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It's about a boy. A boy who changed my opinion about him eventually. A boy who I admire a lot for his spirit and willingness to learn and change. As a child, Sushil was a tough person to be with - very short-tempered, 'maharashtrian jaat' :-).. always yelling and shouting...throwing tantrums. But on the other side, he was a creative and inquisitive person. I remember once he made soda at home with his toy utensils. I was impressed.

He visited us once in Bhopal for the whole summer. Rahul, Sushil and I had joined a swimming club then. You should have been there to see the three of us struggling in water trying to float. There was this one particular day, when I guess my mom and Asha mami came to see us there at the swimming pool. There was a diving board at about 15 feet height. To impress our moms, Sushil went up there, called his mom, waved his hand and then jumped..SPLASH... ohh God.. that was a terrible jump.. he hit water flat on his stomach. Damn.. that must have hurt him a lot. His front side was all red. But he came out smiling and that brought smiles on every ones' lips there. That's how strong he was.

During my stay in Pune for a couple of months in the year of 2000, I came to know him more. We shared a room with another friend of mine, Rohan. That was the time, I never saw Sushil loosing his temper or getting angry. There were many times, when Rohan and Sushil quarrelled and I was afraid that Sushil might do something stupid in rage. But I must say, he didn't lose his temper a single time. So many times, I scolded him for doing something wrong (I was excercising my right of being bigB), but not once did he shout back. He always listened attentively to what I said.

He is known as hard-headed person to most of us. I don't think many people know about his soft side. I must tell you that he is a very emotional-sentimental person. Had I not spend time with him, I would have never got to know how sweet he is from inside. He used to cry sometimes thinking about the hardships his mom was going through. He used to talk about her a lot. He wanted to make her proud of him. We talked a lot about his present and future. He always came to me whenever he was feeling down. Since I had a devoted listener happy.gif, I made him go through all my 'lecture' crap about life (which I don't remember now unfortunately and I need it badly).

By the time we parted, a special bond had formed between us. And to this day, he emails (is it a verb?) me quite often telling me about the things he is doing (and thinking about). I am so glad to know him for such a wonderful person he is.
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The \'Trio\' - Uday

Jun 25th, 2005 11:08:08 am - Subscribe

Whenever I go down the memory lane, I remember the 'Trio' quite often. The 'trio' guys were not old enough to hang out with elders and not young enough to mix with yougsters in the family. Thus, they had no choice but to form a 'trio'. But, I should say, it didn't take time for them to become fond of each other. When together, they were inseparable. I am glad to be a part of that 'trio'. Amol and Sandip complete the trio.

I remember in carrom, we had to play the same game again and again. Amol never used to try or learn a new game. Same with playing cards, just Badaam Saat :-). The most funny thing I remember is when Amol was learning to drive Luna and I like a fool agreed to sit behind him. Ohh God, that was one hell of a ride. We escaped from an accident with a bike but then at one turn lost our balance..DHAAM...DHOOM. Luckily we didn't get hurt and Luna was also fine. But Amol lifted the Luna too strongly and it overturned on the other side and then it was damamged. I still remember the look on his face then..hehehe..

And I cannot forget my 'Tantrik Bro'. Once when I was at his place, he told me about the supernatural powers. I am still amazed by what he demonstrated. He sat in a corner on the terrace in padmasana position with closed eyes, meditating and a girl in the neighborhod would come out of her house. The longer he meditated, the longer the girl would stay out doing something. And believe me, this happenned 4-5 times. I still wonder if he really had such powers (pretty useful huh ;-)).

I remember learning 'witti-dandu' and marbles with Sandip. He was really good with the marbles. I remember he gave me the best part of his collection - big white marbles, which I eventually lost..sorry Sandip.

We always used to plan for a vacation at some hill-station or beach, just the three of us, but that never happenned. I wish now to go back in time and make that vacation happen. I am really thankful to you guys to make those parts of my childhood wonderful.
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Suresh Mama - Nanduda

Jun 20th, 2005 11:57:56 pm - Subscribe

as told by sanjudada that sureshmama lost his hairs because he was doing sheershashaan [standing upside down] well that might be one of the reasons, but the main reason according to me is he used to tell all smallchildren to massage his head.And the other reason is that he used to frigten all children by taking them to BARSOO BUHA HOUSE, there abba had a big store drum measuring almost 6 feet in height and 4 feet in diameter and anybody who do not want to gothere he was told to massage his head, this being done forcefully everybody doing this may be saying that O,GOD MAKE ALL HIS HAIRS VANISH SO THAT WE ALL WILL NOT HAVE TO MASSAGE HIS HEAD.according to me this is the main reason that he lost his hairs.
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time with parents

Jun 16th, 2005 3:12:13 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Shilpa

hello, I know its been long time since I added any thing to webelong. well all of us were on weekend picnics around calgary. We had very nice time there snd we saw so many things. aai and baba enjoyed it.

But now is the time for them to return back to India. some people in India are very haapy for that, but I am feeling very bad about it. We are going to miss them. Its been 6 small months we all were together.

but soon i will join u all.
till then I will keep reading .....

Right now,
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Hey Bhadwaan! -Sandip

Jun 9th, 2005 3:47:30 pm - Subscribe
Mood: joyful

Everybody in our family might have guessed who this blog is going to be all about!!! But infact, I want to add: "Hey bhadwaan!! itnaa blog banaya. simple karke diya. step-by-step instructions bhi reponse? arre koi kuch to likho...come forward!"

'Rahul............ maine kahan tha na, paani chala jaaega!!' hehehe i still remember this old funny Ad. Rahul's "hey bhadwaan!" I have heard it live, I was a kid and was at lucknow. Rahul may have been between baby and kid stage i guess (not sure what thats called or is it any stage at all!)....... he used to say this quite often... "Hey bhadwaan!" That was damn funny, hilarious!! and shaila buaa!! She can change so many expressions within a second! ekdum baadi baadi eyes karke ghussase dekhengi and next fraction of second, she will be all smiling - her usual jovial smile. but when shaila buaa ki aankhen badi hoti hain, to kisi ko bhi daraa sakti hain. Nilkanth mama may add some more vivid examples, I am sure tounge.gif
Back to Rahul! Rahul's phrase hey bhadwan has captivated a considerable number of people's mind in our pariwaar by now (including his own mommy - shaila buaa). The phrase definitely is going to still around stay with us for next few generations i guess.
And yes ofcourse, Rahul does not necessarily himself use this phrase anymore. He is in the **INDIAN ARMY** and more to it, he is a Doc!! Rahul - handsome - Army-Doc, is my brother, I boast abt it sometimes grin.gif
Rahul has terrific cricket skills too. I have played with him. He was too good! No wonder he has won many awards for it. Even U-Day (tats wat i call Uday here in US wink.gif) plays good cricket. Uday currently is doing internship, is a PHD candidate and another going to be soon Doc!! Both these brothers have always excelled.
I urge everyone in our family who reads this blog to share "Hey Bhadwaan!" memories. I have no doubt there are tons of them. write them down, share them.
Lets all re-live the sweetness and innocence of Hey Bhadwaan anecdotes -Sandip.
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Sanjuda Faizpur

May 28th, 2005 8:49:59 am - Subscribe
Mood: wonderful

Faizpur has such pleasent memories...well in front of the house from which we used to draw water...'Bamb' to heat water...then help Shaila/jyoti and others to bring water from the community tap connection near the school...before that we drew water from the community well near the school...evenings and mornings were smoky due to the wood burning in the earthern stoves....then the layering of cowdung in and out of the house....Bibdyacha Ghata cooked very early in the morning in a huge vessel....we used to sit on the stairs and eat ghata...then waiting eagerly for 'wet bibde'....."Khishi".....freshest milk
(I have never tasted milk as fresh and nice as that)....going to the farm to deliver the labourer's(mahindar's) lunch......bartering ice candy for a cup of stolen jowar....having meals in 'pangat'....going to Udali's Aaji's house in a bullock cart...she was sooo loving person...playing cards(the small ones) slyly without allowing Aaba to know about it... the fun during marriages in front of the house...varan poli/vaangyaachi bhaji( limbu special) with our own personal drinking glass...stealing guavas from the gacchi from the tree behind the house....
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songadh Zhabbu

May 25th, 2005 9:40:57 am - Subscribe
Mood: splendid

i am sure there must be no one who has not played Zhabbu at Songadh...Bapu was a very lucky and clever player...he used to get the best deal..and whenever he got a good deal he used to spin around himself in a sitting position and make a noise ...TRRIIINNNNGGG...we used to be sooo jealous of him...then there was my mom ... she used to throw away all the cards when they became unmanageable and at the same time accusing others of cheating....and then me and Shailamaushi used to partner in cheating by exchanging cards...we were best friends...Sureshmama also played lots of he fared is what only he can share...

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May 18th, 2005 8:56:31 am - Subscribe
Mood: sentimental

My earliest memories of Sureshmama include his standing upside down on his head..he was health concious and used to do lot of exercise but I remember this one distinctly...he told me that as the blood goes in the brain it boosts memory...I think he stood a bit too long on his head at the cost of hair .....he also had this way of passing a repartee and then biting his tongue..very cute.. he reminds me as from the genre of AaBa..his body texture and workaholic habits..

mama I know you are reading this...would you like to say something...

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profile - sanjuda

May 17th, 2005 8:36:10 am - Subscribe
Mood: cherished

I thought it would be worthwhile (as Uday said) to post the current happenings..hence a brief on whats happening with us...

Working in Rashtriya Metal Industries Ltd.,Andheri(E) Mumbai as a Asst.General Manager(Sales)...activily participating in a transformational programme offered by The Landmark Education...have recently read "Maverick", " Monk who sold the Ferrari", biography of Werner Erhard(Founder of Est training and The Landmark Forum), "Execution" by Larry Bossidy, "Kotler on Marketing", and trying to read Bhagwad Gita. Recently have put on lot of weight (89kgs) hence attempting to walk in the mornings...

Swati...full time home maker...also engaged in fashion designing...also Art of Living (Advanced) Bhagwad , Mrutunjay , and also reads Femina magzine and many other books ... is going to Vaishno Devi next week with her friend...leaving me and kids to be on our own...we are quite excited...

Nakul...waiting for his 10th exam results..expected in currently going to IIT classes at Arun Roy...spends most time watching TV..favourite Cricket..

More Later
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Suresh Mama - Sandip

May 16th, 2005 1:22:38 pm - Subscribe

I am presenting this account in a lighter vein. This is about 'Suresh Mama' as for some he maybe 'Suresh kaka' as well. Depends on which side of the relation you are.... it's bit relative!
Anyways, I would not digress and directly talk about 'Suresh Mama'. Suresh Mama is none other but the person in our family, who used to wake up in the morning all shivering and trembling on a call from our AaBa - 'Surshyaaa...... uthlaa ka re...!!!???!!!'. Yeah, he was very much afraid of our Aaba and was often late to wake up in the morning. And I am talking about morning, which was considered as morning during those times of our AaBa! Some late risers today, might even term it as mid night!

So how come Suresh Mama?? As I was too young, I have faint memories. In case if I am not very accurate, do enlighten me in your comments. Most of the brothers and sisters group, Sanjoo da, nandu da, bhaiyya da, neeru da, shilpa taai etc.... used to call him 'Mama'. But these were the elder kids forming accountable majority. They all feared Suresh Mama!! All used to gather in our Faizpur's ancestral house! It is 3 storeyed building with third just used as a store house.

Ohhh yes, all these majority accountable siblings feared Suresh Mama. Why?? Nothing scary about him, it was just his ....'chala re, majhe paay daaba, majha dokaa khoop dukhate, doka daaba' ...etc. He used to make compulsive orders to which, all these elderly siblings had to comply. I am sure, each tried his/her best to somehow evade this 'paair dabao, haath dabao, sir dabao' thing. But it used to be nearly impossible. And that was exactly what they feared about SureshMama.

But it was not just all fear. They used to enjoy going out with him. He took them 'firaayla to: shetaat / malyaaat!'. Everybody enjoyed going to shet or farm. Out on fields at times for fun, SureshMama would suddenly shout 'saap! saap!' and scare hell out of everyone. Make everyone run for life. But it was all fun. Sheer fun, in such simple events.

It has not failed to come to my attention that this SureshMama has always been referred to as a very 'dear' person by all the siblings involved in fondly calling him 'SureshMama'. I do not know if there are more reminisces that made him so dear to all. But if there are, please do share them with all of us!
With Love to Everybody's SureshMama.
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Palmist- Sandip - 05May05

May 16th, 2005 11:39:59 am - Subscribe

Hi all!
I think Sanjoo dada has put forth a terrific idea. Each one of us, though far, still feels connected, I am confident about this. Most of these deep root'ed relationships are not necessarily due to related genetic inheritence, but I would say, they are rather those memories of child hood! I will never forget: bedook udyaa - shilpa tai! Will never forget my stay at lucknow - U-Day! I have been always scared of - Sanjoo Dada! (I really don't know why? I know, there's nothing scary about him, but he used to be after me to read his palm (i never knew palmistry, but I had been a victim of rumors and our family is really big! I had just read few books about palmistry out of curiosity! Now c'mmon, every body likes to read astrology, whats wrong in reading palmistry? It always fortells good about whichever sun sign u belong to!). And sanjoo dada used to ask me really tough questions, I could have answered those if only I have had supernatural powers!!
Very different personality - neeru dada. I have always found him different. I also came to know more about savita, after coming to US. I never knew her that well in india. She's among few whom I salute in my mind quite often! Unbeatable determination! I do not know any other person with such
strong determination in unimaginable adverse situations!

Songhad has been my most favorite place!! It will always be most favorite forever.

So many things to share! I am writing this mail from my office for last 15 minutes, but i feel I as if I have revisited songhad just now, been at Suman aatya's house! its all still so fresh and dear.

Great initiative sanjoo dada.
Regards to all,

Meghu was at my place for a couple of days recently. This was her 2nd visit. First visit was around 4-5 months back. That was the first time, I really got introduced to Meghu! Believe me, I never knew her that well before.
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AaBa : Grand dad - Sanju da -12May2005.

May 16th, 2005 10:33:45 am - Subscribe

Dear All,

I saw Shilpa's message and I do remember the Pattein thing..actually I was going to add it in my sharing...she was so so weak due to "gover" that she looked like from nigeria...and she had strength only to whimper...but a child that she was...she was oblivious to her sickness and was interested in 'pattein...(she wanted to play cards)...great sharing...and Shilpa u shud be proud that you shared your parents with me..not all get the opportunity..

I also want to putup the something about AaBa ( Faizpur Grand dad).....he had such a hard, tough, busy and challenging life...9 children ( and early grandchildren) to look after on a highly shoe string budget..a farm with the labours to look after ...the animals...a school to manage...a string of activities ...etc etc. but soooo well was exemplary...My point is that ...within all this chaos....he used to write letters to me at school with steadfast regularity irrespective of whether I replied to them or is so awesome awesome commitment...I used to be so thrilled to receive his letters...I used to read them several times in privacy and experience his love and felt so nice and comfortable and (at home)"belonging".....he reached out to each one of us and looked at the wellbeing of each and every member of the family he created...imagine first to remember to write a letter ..then to find the time slot..then to find a postcard and pen..then to find a clear peaceful place to sit ..then write..then to stick a stamp ..then remember to carry it to the post box and then actually drop it in the postl box...all this done without sacrificing any other is truly living life powerfully...I am in awe of this great personality ..... It could have been so easy and completely justified for him just not to have even thought about me , forget writing letters...but for him life was so whole and complete...everybody mattered for him....and he gave himself to life fully...Imagine we have PCs on our table and all it takes is a click of a button to send a message across 7 seas..but we do have "time" issues , dont we???!!!!!!!Hats Off to AaBa

Love u all sanjuda
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Pattein - Shilpa Taai -11May2005.

May 16th, 2005 10:32:08 am - Subscribe

while reading this email, I felt little jaleous of sanju dada.. because he said aai and baba used to sometime deprive us for some khana. Any way.. what to do now...
Even I remember sanju dada and then later even nandu dada, aai and if possible sometimes me, we used to seat in the 4th room to play carrom. I was always limbu timbu in front of all 3 champs. They were really golden days.
I will never forget the mangos and Coconut berfi suman maushi used to make for me in summer times. I think there is no one in family, who has not taseted the khana made by maushi. She is gr8 cook. I miss her here in canada.
And almost every family member some or other time has done either facial massage, mendhi or head massage from shaila maushi. Thank you maushi.
I don't know if all of u have ever heard of Nilkanth kaka's shayari... But he is too good at that.
I rememember Prataprao kaka, for always calling me' Pattein..........'.

And ofcourse, sandip I will never forget 'beduk uday'. I even remember the place. Do u sandip? It is again the same sonagadh.. loby in suman mushai's house. we had long place to practise it.

Finally i completed it for now. There is more to come. Well I have been trying to complete it since morning 10.00 and now its 6.15 in the evening. Well inbetween Mukund kept me busy.

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Guardians: baby maushi and kaka - Sanju da - 11May2005

May 16th, 2005 10:28:57 am - Subscribe
Mood: nothing

I thought I will start with a sharing lying deep down in my heart..
when i was in the boarding school my guardians were Babimaushi and kaka (.) But they were more than my guardians...and showered me with their love that maybe real parents would not be able to do so (.) On each and every month-end leave Kaka used to come to pick me up from the school to take me home ...then take me to a restaurant nearby for a Masala home maushi used to keep aside several favourite eats for me( sometimes depriving her own children) ... and they used to spend lot of value time with me ..playing carrom, cards, going to movies/circus ..once kaka took me to a very faroff place on his scooter to show me the first ever Indian TV transmission of a cricket match....and they were one of the only ones who without fail came to the school on my birthday with mango burfi( sufficient for my whole house of 60/70 students) along with a small I used to looked forward to them on my birthdays.....

I have never acknowledged these lovely people for what they have provided to me and have contributed in my upbringing and now I take this opprtunity to do so...and I see that I dont do even a small percentage of those things even for my family....More about them later...Thanks and regards to them sanjudada

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The Beginning -Sanju da - 04May2005.

May 16th, 2005 10:25:08 am - Subscribe

How about initiating a family community project wherein we prepare a record of sharings of the people in our life..the good times spent/unforgettable moments/small incidences I remember when you were a small kid and we were at Songadh and like a small inquisitive child you used to ongoingly ask " Asa Kabhara " ( Why so? ) for anything that was happening ; and then I started teasing you with the same phrase....
We could collect such anecdotes/incidences observations etc...which will allow us to relive those pleasent and happy moments..and also create a sense of belonging irrespective of where on the earth we are residing..
i had shared this project with my mom at around 1 in the night and the moment she found that she could express all those memories to me , she spoke to me for almost an hour ..and at that time there was so much amount of energy/vitality and aliveness in her that I felt that each one of us may be harbouring such a thought in his mind of expressing themselves and we could really make this work...
See if it inspires you...
Love sanjoo dada...
( For shilpa I remember...mein kahan se...)
(For meghu I remember her chubby cheeks when small and her loving compassionate nature)
(For Sandeep .....Dandeep.....I remeber my dad having a special soft corner for him..)
(For Niru...his determination...)

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that kid.. - Uday

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As I sat down thinking what to write about, I remembered him. He was very fond of Songhad. It was his refuge from his boring school life. He loved to spend his summers there. There he felt like a free bird, no one ever scolded him there. He used to get whatever he wished for. He used to wait for hours near the window for Jangle kaka to take him around for a drive in royal Ambassador. He would tirelessly ask a number of questions to Sanju da. Though he was lil afraid of him but he liked him a lot for his calmness and his 'moustache' (He reminded him of Raj Kiran eep.gif)). Nandu da was his big buddy. He enjoyed his omlettes a lot. Now when I listen to Boney M. songs, I faintly remember him enjoying those songs back then at Songhad (I think Nandu da used to play them). Prataprao Kaka used to enjoy asking him his dad's name and his village's name. He din't realize that he couldn't say 'N' properly. His dad's name was 'Tinkath' and village's name was 'Hingonga' according to him. Kaka was a royal person for him. He liked to watch him while he read the newspaper with his glasses on. And there was that white paper roll with a yellow end held between his fingers and the other red glowing end with smoke coming out of it. Sometimes he used to wonder why he wasn't allowed to hold that thing between his fingers. He would then also look royal and majestic like kaka. Anyways, he was allowed to eat what Suman maushi cooked as much as he wanted. He was fond of her cooking but more of her loving nature. She would feed him lovingly and he would eat more than he could stuff in his small stomach. He especially loved to accompany her in the backyard to pluck 'paan ke patte'. Evening time was his favorite. Maushi and Kaka would sit in the backyard. Sanju da and Nandu da would get hold of the water hose pipe. And he would stand there in open along with his team waiting for the water attack. That was the only way of bathing he used to enjoy. Later they would all go to a temple nearby built over a pond. That was a heavenly place surrounded with huge green trees. He liked to watch the fishes in the pond coming out of their hideouts to grab the food people threw in the water. Ohh those fond memories of Songhad. I am jealous of that kid.. that me several years ago.

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