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Exceptional Value of Human Life in the holy Quran

Aug 11th, 2012 9:16:38 pm - Subscribe

The holy Quran has ensured extraordinary value of Human
life. Today the world is passing through great crisis of war, mongering, fraud, political aggression and so on. The holy
Al-Quran is such a book that has idea of all these misdeeds
though it was revealed by the Almighty Allah thousands of years ago.

ome days ago American President Barak Obama and his blinl follower English Prime minister David Cameron in a conference referred to the
5th Sura (The complete Verse) Maidah, he asked the Muslim to abandon all resistance of aggression and
encouraged to stop all sorts of terrorist activities. We want to clearly claim that Islam does not support any terrorist activities hence it
is in severe position. Though the matter is totally different how the western countries think. .

Many moderate Muslims also quoted the above mentioned passage in favor of anti terrorism that Islam does not permit any kind of unlawful aggression or terrorist activities. Indeed, some
Christian missionaries fully ignore what the moderate tell and express their personal way of reading the verse. But this verse is tending to present in wrong
way by the non Muslims or by the moderate Muslims who actually don’t dive in the depth of the matter.

If you go through these verse carefully like all other verses of the holy Quran, in reality, you will
find the mysterious and miracle in knowledge and wellness of wisdom.  The holy Quran gives human value exceptionally that no other religious books have done
ever. If you analyze the holy Quran, you will find that the holy Quran
continues, completes, corrects and perfects earlier religions. We can a clear idea from the following example.

If you read the whole verse of Sura Maidah you will find from its verse no-27 to 31 about the two sons of Adam (May Allah spread peace upon him). One name is Qabil (in English called Cain) and the other was Habil (called Abel). Qabil murdered Habil and probably this was the first murder in the history of human
civilization. But Qabil did know what to do with the dead body. Then the almighty Allah taught him by a crow.

Throughout the whole part of the holy Quran the almighty Allah has taught human being with great examples and wisdom or knowledge.
But human being has to analyze it clearly from their heart so that they could get the actual meaning of the matter.

To do that you should go through the holy Quran regularly. If you don’t understand the meaning, there is
ample solution in the MP3 version of the holy Quran. In this Mp3 Quran you will find meaning of all passages by any languages of the
world. The holy Quran is written in only Arabic but now a day to know it
every lingual or multilingual people want to know its meaning. As technology has
become very much easy to get you have the opportunity of getting MP3 of the
holy Quran to meet your thirst of knowledge.

So, by the help of this Mp3 Quran you may get the way of getting rid from any problem related to your
home as well as the world.

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Jun 26th, 2011 5:19:17 am - Subscribe

The Last Holy Book

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