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Date: Nov 25th, 2005 4:06:55 pm - Subscribe

Post your questions here and I'll create a new topic
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Information for the new council.
Date: Nov 20th, 2005 12:35:43 am - Subscribe

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After the election, where do we go from here?
Date: Nov 20th, 2005 12:29:13 am - Subscribe

posts your thoughts on what should be dealt with next, etc.....
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The last 24 hours (or less) forum
Date: Nov 18th, 2005 4:03:57 pm - Subscribe

New... The last 24 hours forum Latest breaking news, issues, get your point across, etc.....One category. Read it and post it here.
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Who is Chris Manuel?
Date: Nov 18th, 2005 2:19:53 am - Subscribe

And how about his pop quiz for the canadidates at Worca.
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Some art related questions.....
Date: Nov 16th, 2005 3:03:02 am - Subscribe
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Some art related questions and the answers here

Before and after the last two meetings I still felt I had some questions myself about the issues relating to the arts. So after a consultion with a few artist friends here's what we came up with.... I have emailed all the candidates (Tuesday evening) and already heard from Ken and Ralph. I will wait for more results before posting them though. Brian posted his below.

The following has been sent to all the Mayor/Council candidates.

When you become a Mayor/Councillor where do you see the future of the arts in Whistler with respect to the following, before, during and after the Olympics:
1 How do we help local artists stay in Whistler and thrive?
2 Artist in residences programs?
3 Year round art market for local artists (expanding on Bizarre Bazaar and the summer Farmers Market)?
4 An Art Schools here in Whistler?
5 Local artist support affordability, live work space and general support - if we are an attraction to draw people to the resort, how to we support ourselves?
6 Visiting artists, who do we attract and how do they fit into our Whistler artist scene?
7 Creating co-op galleries in the center of the village?
8 Art's council funding?
9 Providing working studios for artists?
For each you may like to address:
· How would you implement such programs and when?
· What kind of priority is this for you?
· Where does the funding come from?
Thank you - your responses will be posted on

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The sea to sky highway.
Date: Nov 15th, 2005 7:41:16 pm - Subscribe

The Sea to Sky highway is the scariest thing about living in Whistler. As citizens we have no choice but to have to commute on that stretch of road. I drive a very small economic vehicle and I can’t help but sometimes envision an SUV bumper (which sits eye level) ruining my day with a head on collision. I have read that a divided highway along all three lane stretches of that highway would cost 20 million dollars. The “safety” upgrade currently tabled for the highway is projected to cost near 600 million dollars. I am curious why a clever engineer wouldn’t have to foresight to know that most deaths on that highway happen due to head on collisions. I personally like being alive and my choice to live in Whistler forever means the odds of it being taken away from me due to a car accident on that highway are better than average.
What would it take for council to convince the provincial government to include a dividing barrier to the upgraded highway?
Jamey Kramer
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What do mayoral and council candidates think about the recent *Four Agency Review* ??
Date: Nov 15th, 2005 1:57:17 pm - Subscribe

i.e. how do they feel about the pending Chamber of Commerce Visitor Info Centre operational take-over by Tourism Whistler, and how do they feel this will impact the community over the long term?
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The preservation of the Boot and Shoestring Lodge is a favourite topic in Whistler.
Date: Nov 15th, 2005 11:08:55 am - Subscribe

Posted under got a question
anonymous - November 14th, 2005
The Boot:

The preservation of the Boot and Shoestring Lodge is a favourite topic in Whistler. While I think most people see its demise as a foregone conclusion (you can't stand in the way of "progress" there is a lot of passion and a lot of interest in saving it. I think it is short-sighted to bulldoze part of this town's heritage to make room for yet another condo development owned by wealthy foreigners to use on the occasional holiday. And the live music promoted by the Boot is a cultural component of this town on par with any other artistic venture. I think the Ballet is of questionable value, but that's irrelevant.

At the all-candidates' meeting tonight there was talk of both preserving the Boot and of the empty Larco space. Is it feasible to dismantle the Boot Pub and re-install it in part of the Larco space?

The locals' livingroom, especially one that regularly promotes live music (and other entertainment) would bring more locals and visitors into that part of town. Perhaps some of the Boot's character would be lost, but perhaps not.

A fundamental component of this town's history would be preserved, the landlord would make money on rent, and the locals would retain their livingroom.

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What are people\'s opinion of the all (Nov 13 mayorial) candidates meeting?
Date: Nov 13th, 2005 7:43:05 pm - Subscribe

What are people’s opinion of the all candidates meeting of today? (Nov 13 mayorial) I couldn’t be there so I’m interested.

If you also missed it, you can download it below.

Get the audio mp3's of the Mayoral forum here.

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The Olympic bus that the Whistler dog caught and did not know what to do with has it turned into an Olympic train?
Date: Nov 13th, 2005 2:16:35 pm - Subscribe

smwhistler - November 12th, 2005

The Olympic bus that the Whistler dog caught and did not know what to do with has it turned into an Olympic train?

How are we making out with our Olympic Legacies/White Elephants?

There doesn’t appear to be enough money in the cookie jar for the rink or the athlete’s village? Has the Olympic promise not to burden the Whistler Tax Payer been broken already?

Financial tools for us” rich folk” in Whistler being granted by the Provincial Government will be a hard sell to the MLA from Prince George or Cache Creek. Many towns in BC could argue that they have tourist based economy and want financial tools. Are financial tools a political non-starter?

Do we have a chance of expanding our boundaries or was that opportunity lost when we opted for in fill development rather than develop the Callaghan?

The land legacies for Whistler and First Nations; what is happening?

Which Council Candidates and Mayoral Candidate will stand up to the Provincial Government and deliver Legacies? Which ones will ride the Olympic train?

Stuart Munro
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A casino in Whistler?
Date: Nov 9th, 2005 4:57:12 pm - Subscribe

This question was recieved today, I have posted my response - perhaps other candidates would care to post theirs? Eckhard Zeidler
Q. "Wondering what your thoughts on a casino in the future for Whistler? I believe that a casino in Whistler would increase visitation to Whistler, which is much needed.?With location in an upscale hotel, age restrictions, dress codes and high table limits, I think a casino would work in a positive way. Giving the tourists something to see and do if the weather and season is not at its peak. As well for those?who come to whistler and aren't?lovers of the outdoor activites.?I think if?Whistler was to have a casino, now would be the time?as the Olympics are coming.?A casino would also give back to the community of whistler in many ways?as well as pay for many of the Olympic ideas that have come to the table, but the worry for funding is a concern.?I have many ideas on this topic, but am curious to your thoughts on a casino in Whistlers future." name deleted

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Ted Nebbeling was he really that nasty or just a tough boss?
Date: Nov 5th, 2005 6:51:38 pm - Subscribe

Moved from got a question.

ben - November 05th, 2005
I'm curious to hear an explanation of why Ted Nebbeling seems to be feared by the staff at municipal hall. Was he really that nasty or just a tough boss?
Ben Thomas

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WORCA All Candidates Meeting what have we Learned?
Date: Nov 4th, 2005 1:28:38 am - Subscribe

WORCA All Candidates Meeting what have we learned?
First thanks to all at WORCA for making this possible! A great event.
23 Candidates and about 150 participants.
What issues did you find out about the candidates?
What did the candidates learn from the public?

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Rainbow lands rezoning
Date: Nov 2nd, 2005 6:28:24 pm - Subscribe

Rainbow lands rezoning; Red tape or scissors? Which candidates will deliver scissors?

Stuart Munro
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Has there even been talk of building curling sheets anywhere in Whistler?
Date: Nov 1st, 2005 10:11:18 pm - Subscribe

Originally posted by ben - November 01st, 2005 In 'got a question' section.

Has there even been talk of building curling sheets anywhere in Whistler? It seems like a logical addition to me and I wondered whether it's ever been explored. If it hasn't, surely it should be considered for the new arena?? It would add an attraction for tourists and would also provide a place for locals to have a fun, inexpensive night out in the dead season. Lastly I think it would add some true canadian culture... you can't curl in Vail, that's for sure!

What do other bloggers think of this idea?

Ben Thomas

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Resident housing in the village?
Date: Nov 1st, 2005 3:48:12 pm - Subscribe

Note: moved from "got a question" section.
Has anybody thought of putting resident housing in the village? Why can't daylots 1-8 be built up with underground parking and housing above, similar to Franz's Trail(with better landscaping)?

Troy Therrien
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Date: Oct 30th, 2005 8:35:47 pm - Subscribe
Mood: withdrawn

Here you go Jamey. Let's hear more from the candidates on this.

We can't forget sustainability... It would be neat to have a thread to hear all the candidates definitions of sustainability.

How about the dwindling work force due to the lack of cheap short term accommodations when the Shoestring Lodge is torn down (as it is the prices at the lodge are already too high)…

Fun! Politics is fascinating.
Jamey Kramer

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Undecided Voters
Date: Oct 30th, 2005 8:19:24 pm - Subscribe
Mood: expectant

I could not be more undecided on the issue of who to vote for as Mayor.

Ken is too far left and, while I respect his passions, we need a leader not a nay-sayer. Nick is everything Ken is not but entirely too much so. I have heard the stories of Ted's tyranny around Muni Hall first hand, and too many times. I was also a newbie to Whistler when the "Helmut Dog Scandal" was news and watching Ted put on a tie and parade out in front of the media to get the "save the puppies" sound bytes was sickening professional politicking at its worst. I would vote for Shane Bennett before voting for Ted..... Ok Maybe not. Speaking of Bennett he is not a viable Candidate for reasons too numerous to list. Oh now your running for council Shane? Still no dice. I do not have any read on any of the other mayoral Candidates and I am a little intrigued by Mike Brew's results in your Poll. How come there are no guys like Bob Lorriman or Ralph Forsyth running for Mayor.

I am hoping that other people who share my conundrum will post here and share their thoughts. I am also hoping that will delete any posts that are obviously from partisan supporters or the Candidates themselves. I would like to have the conversation without the Candidates in the room....kinda like a council meeting. So if you are un-decided like me, what do you have to say?

Alex Hugessen

Note: Thank you for the post. I also share your conundrum, that’s how this site started! I am trying not delete any posts whatsoever, thus keeping it non-bias. What I would ask though is that any candidates or their supporters identify themselves so. Thanks,
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Candidates\' contributions
Date: Oct 29th, 2005 4:19:28 pm - Subscribe
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Moved from 'Got a Question'
anonymous - October 29th, 2005
Have any candidates received financial contributions from developers?
Note addedbelieve that there is a disclosure process for this? Yes, here is a link to the complete act.
It's under Division 8 - Campaign Financing
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What are the top issues that should be addressed with the new council?
Date: Oct 29th, 2005 2:26:03 pm - Subscribe

Which items do you feel are most important? I would like to create a poll but don't want to miss anything!

Bed cap
Paralympic sledge hockey arena
London Drugs
Rainbow site
Artist co-op/gallery/art school/artist in residences
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London Drugs
Date: Oct 29th, 2005 2:17:57 pm - Subscribe

It's my understanding that the space that London Drugs would like to occupy is zoned for a play zone or rainy day activity area. I think that there's two issues here, rezoning and whether to have a big box store in town? And what about the previous use commitment to this space? Should London drugs be in Function Junction? Thoughts?
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What are the solutions to our declining tourism?
Date: Oct 28th, 2005 10:24:15 pm - Subscribe

In the not too distant past the Pique reported,in a Tourism Whistler survey, that one in ten guests said they would not return to Whistler . This seems like a huge loss to me. Do the candidates have any ideas on why this is happening and do they have any solutions to address those problems?

Troy Therrien

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I would like to know how the candidates feel about the bed cap?
Date: Oct 25th, 2005 12:49:59 pm - Subscribe

anonymous posted - October 24th, 2005
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The candidates position on Intrawest
Date: Oct 21st, 2005 10:30:38 am - Subscribe

The below is copied from the Election issues category posted by anonymous on October 21st, 2005.

I would like to know the candidates position on Intrawest. I feel they need their feet held to the fire and have gotten off with lack of community care and direction as the most powerful player and ultimately, the definer of Whistler over the next 10 - 15 years. Colorado has shown that the corporate model, NYSE symbol does not work over the long term in mountain communities. They are property managers and have little care for Whistler, which is fine. However, they control the town. Their real estate is power. Whistler is in a serious situation. Comments?

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Eckhard Zeidler for council
Date: Oct 15th, 2005 5:14:49 pm - Subscribe
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Sonya McCarthy for council
Date: Oct 15th, 2005 5:14:09 pm - Subscribe
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Stephen Jiu for council
Date: Oct 15th, 2005 5:13:30 pm - Subscribe
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McCaul Balmer for council
Date: Oct 15th, 2005 5:12:44 pm - Subscribe
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Inge Flanagan for council
Date: Oct 14th, 2005 8:05:49 pm - Subscribe
604 935-2558
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Nancy Wilhelm-Morden for council
Date: Oct 14th, 2005 6:53:12 pm - Subscribe

Post you thoughts on this.
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Jamey Kramer for council
Date: Oct 14th, 2005 6:52:47 pm - Subscribe
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Doug Lundgren for council
Date: Oct 14th, 2005 6:52:20 pm - Subscribe

Post you thoughts on this.
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Ken Achenbach for council
Date: Oct 14th, 2005 6:51:54 pm - Subscribe
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Bryan Walker for Mayor
Date: Oct 14th, 2005 6:50:21 pm - Subscribe
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Got a question?
Date: Oct 12th, 2005 3:25:11 pm - Subscribe

Post your question here and I'll make it into a topic! Or email me here.
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Ken Melamed for Mayor
Date: Oct 12th, 2005 3:23:42 pm - Subscribe
Comments: (97)

Mike Brew for Mayor
Date: Oct 12th, 2005 3:22:27 pm - Subscribe
Comments: (10)

Chris Quinlan for council
Date: Oct 12th, 2005 2:15:17 pm - Subscribe

Click here for more info
604 905-8886
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Michael d\'Artois for council
Date: Oct 7th, 2005 12:16:13 pm - Subscribe
(604) 935-3637
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Local Economy
Date: Oct 7th, 2005 12:11:27 pm - Subscribe

Is there anything that the council should/could/can do to improve our local economy?
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Whistler arts
Date: Oct 7th, 2005 12:05:18 pm - Subscribe

What should the council be doing for the future of Whistler arts?
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Culture and the future Whistler
Date: Oct 7th, 2005 12:02:40 pm - Subscribe

Where do you think the future of Whistler Culture should be going?
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Stacy Kohut for Mayor
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 7:46:14 pm - Subscribe 
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general election articles
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:51:58 pm - Subscribe

This is the place for clippings, general issues and information.
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Questions for the Mayorial candidates
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:45:17 pm - Subscribe

Post your questions for the Mayorial candidates here.

October 07th, 2005
Any one wishing to ask myself questions in this forum, please do so.

stacy kohut
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Election Issues
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:43:47 pm - Subscribe

Post your concerns, articles and info here.

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Bob Lorriman for Council
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:41:14 pm - Subscribe
Comments: (13)

Tim Wake for Council
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:41:01 pm - Subscribe
Comments: (11)

Marianne Wade for Council
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:40:40 pm - Subscribe
Comments: (34)

Gordon Mckeever for Council
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:40:20 pm - Subscribe
Comments: (10)

Ralph Forsyth for Council
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:39:52 pm - Subscribe
Comments: (6)

Nick Davies for Mayor
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:37:28 pm - Subscribe
Comments: (20)

Shane Bennett for Council
Date: Oct 6th, 2005 4:35:19 pm - Subscribe

Post your thoughts on this.
I believe this info to be correct but it is Unverified. See note below.
604-905-4759 or 604-905-4760

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