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willithurt telephone - Subscribe
how i wish to hold you, but i cant. your to far away and i know i dont see you much, some say whats the point. well i have a point, i love you, i love you and no matter what nothings gonna change that we are suposed to stay together foever. even if things i do may be a bit upsetting at times my only hopes are for you to forgive me. you know i love you and all i ever do is think about you. but now i wonder, while you are away in pine top, is there a boy up ther that you call, a boy up ther that you love. well if there is all i have to say is thats your invatation to leave me cause i know there are many other important people than me. you never had to stay with me so long. it will take time geting used to but i think i can handle it. but if i dont remember. you broke my heart now i must break yours so i will shoot you. and then slowly go through life dying and decaing like a tree, fallen to the world. i will always love you. and if you feel like i should go then i will. your the boss i guess.
use your powers for good not evil. and never talk to much, your so much beautiful when your quiet. i know my life is meaning less to you and im just another guy, and i would say your just another girl..... but thats just a lie. your the most wonderful person i've met.
Mood: im the way i always feel, dead inside

willithurt yours to keep mine to hold Dec 28th, 2004 2:07:24 pm - Subscribe
the memories of you burn in my mind, im slowly getting over it but i know i never will. you were my first love, and you controled me. you had me do things i never wanted to do. how i wish to have you back. i would call but im afriad i wont know what to say, so all i have to say the boy that kisses you the day that you wed wont be me. but think about me. think about the love. thats all i have to say.
Mood: this time im a bit away from everything

willithurt smash up box Dec 29th, 2004 3:58:03 pm - Subscribe
the hole in my heart has goten smaller. kayla, my love, reminds me of all the good in the world even though it's not really the best place to be but to tell you the truth she's the only reason im alive right now. after all it's almost been a year, it's great how love works. you can be together for even the shortest time and still get something out of it. let me share something about kayla. she's a really shy and quiet person, and my theory is cause when she was in 2nd grade her father had died. it's gotten to a point where that makes me cry my self to sleep. but to sum it up you could be the most fucked up people in the world and have the most fucked up family in the world and still find good in the world. even though i wake up every morning and wonder why im not dead. i call her and she makes me glad im alive. she's the ONLY person that can ever make me happy.
Mood: sensitive

willithurt love by the holder Dec 30th, 2004 2:27:38 am - Subscribe
i have a friend..... a best friend named kendra and i love her just thought you would like to know.
Mood: i feel opened, new

willithurt and everything dies Dec 31st, 2004 12:40:54 am - Subscribe
well you can tell im never in the best mood. i did NOTHING meaningful today. so im bored. and i have no one to call. I BLAME THE REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!!! other than every thing else i'll just drink all my prblems away. god im a screw up.

when all else fails.... stop trying.
Mood: eh