Date: Oct 20th, 2005 2:53:30 pm - Subscribe
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Today wasn't any more interesting than yesterday angry.gif Aw well. Anyway, talking to Jayce right now. So, I really have nothing to update right now, cept the fact I got a shot. So adios.
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Date: Oct 19th, 2005 5:43:41 am - Subscribe
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Well, today was quite intresting......on the convo I had with Jyace last night, which was WEIRD, (Don't even get me started!), well I found out that 1)Tracy was reading the etnire thing and 2)that both Colleen and Tracy were wrong about how long they'd been dating. Tracy said 1 month and four days and Colleen said 1 month and six days, It was 1 month and eighteen days. Sad isn't? Well anyway, let's see. In gym since Danielle now can't play for quite some time, which works for her because she can do any science homeowrk and she agreed to do mineb ecause we are so cool like that. LOL. Well anyway, Brock needs to tune down on the Mrs. Hawley thing, seriously. I got mad and kept pinching him but he seems not to hurt as much by it anymore. Besides that, in the actual class we played gym, I was on Brock's (which explains why I saw him so much angry.gif) and Brian's team. I was against Cahill (HAPPY BIRTHDAY even you aren't gonna read this lol), Josh, and Stacy (my own BFF!). Stacy and me were beastly on the court, she even knocked me into the brick wall (accidental of course..................maybeh) and my elbow was out for awhile and my knee started bleeding from being scrapped. Mr Cutler says I'm a death trap waiting to happen. See I'm beginning to go into my former clumsey self, which sucks. During gym I offered to sit on Colleen, so she would get up, and I said something about my fatness, I like it when my best friends jock about my weight, but Brock had to say something and that just made he so effin mad! SO i had to tell him to keep going away. Tracy said something about Brock not getting him in the middle when Brock asked him a question about me, Muhahaha people know who to fear. Just kidding.

Anyway, let's see just watched a movie in science, nothing exsisting in any of my other classes, cept I left early and Danielle's WACKO dream. She dreamt that I married Jayce (^_^) and Colleen had married Tracy a day before or something. Not bad right? Well, she dreamed that before I had been cheating on Jayce with TRACY! How weird is that? It will never happen, that thing belongs to Colleen, see how long they've been dating? It's just so wrong! In choir though we were recored (something I just remebered) Alisha suddenly felt sick and she fell back. She had to sit for awhile, she felt woozy. Poor thing. That must suck, that's how I felt when I got my blood drawn.

Well that's all for this, I actually typed alot to! Well JA NE or adios, or goodbye. I can only said good-bye in three languages ^^.


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