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Date: Sep 13th, 2007 1:42:30 pm - Subscribe
Mood: introspective
What I am Listening To: Richie Hawtin & Sven Vath: Live at Cocoon

yikes, it's September already. A lot has happened in the last few months, and it seems that this is the first time in a while that I've been able to sit down and hit up my blog.

I should be starting my Bachelor's program but unfortunately I didn't pass my Java class. I would have been ok with it if I had simply slacked the fuck off, but it's really frustrating when I don't feel that it was my fault that I failed the class in the first place. I'm pretty over it at this point, but I still have to sit down and have the conversation with my academic counselor and move forward from here. I guess that I've let it out on a limited basis but this medium has always helped me keep focus on what's going on with me.

The job's going fairly well, too. It's a lot of work and a lot to learn, but it seems to be going ok. I'm getting my projects taken care of as quickly as possible, but I end up needing a lot of help from the people on my team, which is kinda straining the relationship between all of us. I guess what it comes down to, and I should have expected this, but I really had to have my hand held through a few things before I can get a handle as to what's going on and also so I have a basis to work off of as I continue. Besides that, I'm not really the kind of person that like to ask for help, much less have my hand held through a lot of the sorts of things that I'm going to be doing in my job. I'm doing what I can, but I'm really in a weird position in general with my job right now, because I was given the opportunity to just get in there and learn everything that I'm going to be doing on the fly, so I have to absorb and use very quickly.

I guess things are going good, but really I've just felt that some wind has really gone out of my sails lately, and I think it started with my Java class and went from there. I think that this bit of free time came at a time when I need to refocus on what I"m trying to do and buck up and do it. I've been really busy and haven't really thought about it, but have just done. We'll see how things go, but I think I'm going to buy some anime.

...peace bitches.
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Date: Jul 18th, 2007 2:35:48 am - Subscribe
Mood: controlled
What I am Listening To: Libertad -- Velevet Revolver

Its been quite a couple of weeks, that's for sure. I've been super busy with everything for the most part. India's ready to go, but they're still using my workstation so I can't get any school work done, so I've not only had to try and squeeze time for school when I'm not at work, but I'm also calling my people at random at ungodly hours of the night out of sheer desperation and boredom. (Sorry guys, at least I think enough of you to wake you up).

So the promotion is finally done and over with and my official start date is July 24th, and it will be nice to not be nocturnal anymore. I also get a nice little raise, which will also be nice. My sister's been an unreasonable cunt as of late so she's looking to get out of there as soon as possible, which is certainly a welcome thing to me, aside from the whole paying all the bills thing. Once that is over and done with, a small gathering will be in order for whoever is willing to come out. More to come on that front.

Last weekend I felt shitty, but this weekend is going to be fuckin awesome. The Brick Store + Large party for my birthday, which is the following weekend, but ppl aren't in town for it. The good thing about it is it gives me time to have dinner with the family and whatnot and not be so hung over I can't be around food happy.gif

I guess that there are times that I may be bummed out over something small, but I seem to bounce back pretty well. Life in general is good, save for the same old bitches I have about life, but I suppose that even though I want to take time and bitch that I need to look at all the good shit going on and not sweat it.

...peace bitches.
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...and it happened upon me just a moment ago
Date: Jul 4th, 2007 8:57:28 pm - Subscribe
Mood: spirited
What I am Listening To: GU 18: Nick Warren in Amsterdam

I was actually at a loss for what to write about this week until, ironically enough, I saw a blurb on the O'Reily Factor in one of the break rooms at work. The whole issue stemmed from a panel of psycologists and doctors speaking to students regarding casual sex and drug use among high school students. Needless to say, parents reaction were mixed. Usually, permission slips and whatnot would be distributed for legal posterior covering, and those who would participate would participate and those that would not would not.

The thing that gets me about this situation is not that parents were not informed about what was going on, and it even isn't the fact that The O'Reily factor manipulated the data to their ends, (Which does piss me off, but I gave some love to O'Reily in a previous post for generally being a douchebag), it's the fact that in this country there is a huge divide that is continually growing between parents and their children about drugs, alcohol, and teen sex.

I, personally, came from a family that wanted me to never experiment with anything in my parent's house. In fact, my mother always said that she wanted to raise children that were completely sheltered. Now that I am older, I can understand where she was coming from, but at the same time, its a natrual reaction for teens to want to experiment. Instead of experimenting with drugs and alcohol in high school and into college like most kids do, I spent 20-24 partying, doing drugs, and generally being a fuck up. I think that my personality is wired in a way that does not allow me to be ignorant on a subject. If I want to know something about a particular subject, I study it and educate myself on it. Natrually, because my parents didn't want me to do it, I was curious to know what all the fuss was about. One thing I will say is that in that 4 years, I learned more about life than in the previous 19 years. Honestly, I think it's a better idea for parents to give their children a safe environment to do what it is they are going to do instead of doing them out in public where they may get into more trouble and be in a far worse position.

Teen sex in general is something that I've always felt strongly about. The divorce rate in this country is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50%. Conservatives are all about no sex before marriage, but what if the person you're with doesn't sexually satisfy you? At that point, you can either cheat and hope you don't get caught or get a divorce, because ultimately one or the other will occur. Besides that, would you want your spouse to come to you one day out of the blue and tell you that they are gay? How would you feel then? If it was my child, I'd rather they be happy than live a lie. Does this mean that I advocate alcohol and drug fueled orgies for high school kids? No, I don't, because I think that the one thing that needs to be figured in to each of these arguements in MODERATION.

I think that the people on the panel are doing for these kids is saying that "We know that you're going to do it, so we want to educate you instead of having you do something you know nothing about," which, after going through my own situation, I think is a good approach to take. The thing that gets me is that parents take this as "we're advocating our children to do these things," which isn't necessarily the case. I know people that have been through high school and college and has never tried a drug or had a drink in their life and they turned out just fine. On the other hand, if my child was going to do something like this, I'd rather they know what they're getting into and be educated on the subject. After all, I'd feel better about a used condom than an unexpected grandchild.

...until next time, bitches.

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4th branch?
Date: Jun 27th, 2007 4:18:36 am - Subscribe
Mood: hostile
What I am Listening To: The Daily Show

Don't have a lot of time to post this week, but you have to see this shit. It continues to amaze me how this administration is doing what they can do dodge any oversight whatsoever.

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commentary on the music industry
Date: Jun 20th, 2007 3:34:22 am - Subscribe
Mood: tranquil
What I am Listening To: Gu 22: Dave Seaman in Melborne

Lately, I've heard a lot about the overall worries and sinking stock of mainstream music as a whole. The music industry is pointing the finger at all the music pirates and say that they are killing the industry blah blah blah. (btw, story that was the catalyst for this blog can be found here, even though I"ve been reading numerous stories regarding and related to this subject)

The thing that gets me the most about this is quite a bit more far-reaching than the current issues the record industry is having. Remember when you would hear a person's or band's single on the radio or (god forbid) MTV and when you bought the album, there were a couple of good songs and the rest sucked ass? Consequently, these bands were usually the one hit wonders that would have a good single, sell some albums, and fade into obscurity. The thing is, what would happen if all the albums that you bought, except for a few bands you were a hard-core fan of, were like this? Would you think twice before spending $15-$18 on an album that was an impulse buy from a band/singer that you heard on the radio? I know I would.

So now we have one of the greatest creations of the 21st Century availible to the public, the iPod, and with it iTunes. Now the consumer can buy singles from the internet and put them on our iPods and even burn them once or twice (because we all know music pirates get all their music from iTunes). The problem is that what if you hear a song that's not a single but is good? What does that say? "Album Only?" Yep, I've found that, especially if you have an album that is 4 or 5 10-15 min tracks, that 1 song on the album can be bought sepeartely and the rest come with buying the album. I'll give it to Steve Jobs and Apple for doing an excellent job of finding the middle ground, though, because iTunes has the most stable album prices I've seen anywhere... I used to see 1 newer album that was 12.99 at release rocket to as much as 17 or 18 dollars once the initial run is over with. So now that the consumer feels thoroughly screwed over by the record companies, they say, "Well, if the album is probably going to suck and I can't buy just all the songs I like from iTunes, I'll torrent the whole thing for nothing and maybe I'll buy it if I really like it." On top of that, you have the music industry using the RIAA to go after people and make them pay outrageous licensing fees, even 14 year old girls.

So if the music industry is producing inferior music and has no problems hiring a legal team to sue the family of a 14 year old girl, so you really think that the public is going to care whether they steal music from you? Probably not, since any company or group of companies that do not operate with some level of collective integrity will usually loose the confidence of their customer base.

Is this a bad thing? Yes and no. We all know that the music industry is going to flounder for a while, doing everything in their power to squeeze every dime out of the consumer and probably will not realize that the more that you screw the consumer, the more the consumer will screw you back. If your music sucks and isn't original, make it something people want to spend money to own. There are some albums in my music collection that I treat with reverence, but it's not anything (besides Year Zero) that's been produced this decade. On the other hand, independent labels that really care about who are on their label and that will take a chance on breaking out someone that sounds a little different than all the other crappy music out there than sticking with someone or something that fits a formula of what's popular but is completely unoriginal. I've heard some really horrible bands in my time, but I've consistantly heard horrible bands over the last few years get huge record deals and, mysteriously, they don't sell the 7 million albums they were projected to sell in the board meeting that was conducted the day the band was signed.

Honestly, I think the next few years are going to be an exciting time for music, mostly because many large entertainment conglomerates think that they have all the power over music, but this seems to be the first time in a long time the American consumer is indirectly fighting back against the music industry, and winning.
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