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Ever since I've been with you I've had a purpose. Not in life, but to get up every morning and go to school. I've been more confident about myself. I think in our heads we're older tham anyone else around, and that restricts us.

When I am older, I don't want to be married, not right away - working a night shift and sleeping all day. Be mysterious. Write. Paint. Travel.

I want to see the Greene st. greens, and the reddest reds, even if it's blood. I want to have stories to tell and pictures to show.

I want to have animals exaggerated to little kids and make them seem like gods, like beasts. I want it with other people who won't be scared and are willing to go all the way but still retain there subconcious because at times I won't.

I want to save someone. I want to be hated and feared. I want to have a disguise. I want to be arrested and have an alias and an accomplice.

I want to get hurt and be healed by a total stranger for four weeks in the middle of nowhere; on a farm, help with the work to repay for room and board while having a passionate affair with a son named Sam - a taller boy with brown hair.

I would love it. I would want to stay but his father would find out and he would leave me untill we finally relized oue relationship was lust. I want to havea cowboy hat in the middle of the desert near a campfire.

I would love driving and singing to every song and be slightly embarrassed when you catch me not knowing some words, just mumbled sounds. I want to give someone I don't trust a ride.

I want to be a witness to a bank robbery I want to streak infront of someone famous and eat lunch on top of a really tall building. I just don't want to regret not being with you at these moments.
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avatar velouria

February 09th, 2006

I liked your entry :-)

avatar paperdoll

February 09th, 2006

entry = pretty

avatar alone

February 10th, 2006

nice entry
so we all going crack someday?

avatar xbang_bang

February 12th, 2006

Heh sorry all I am agianst drugs.

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