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My first entry.

Sep 1st, 2005 11:29:22 pm - Subscribe

Ehh I am tired. I soo hate getting up early. Like usually I am excited for school, but this year for some reason I just don't like getting out of bed. I don't know it's wierd. Well Today was my second day of school.

Yeah school makes me happy because I get to see all my wicked cool friends. Yeah I guess I am wicked cool like that and I have friends. And they are cooler than your friends.

Well the day was long, and somewhat boring. But after school just kicked so many asses <3

Well right now it's 12:11 and oficialy Chelsea's birthday. Yeah I thought I would throw that little fact in because this is where my story starts.

What was yesturday, Jeff came over but since I haven't slept yet I will still call it today. Earlier today Jeff came over my house, and we were planning to go over Chelsea's house.

Jeff came over around 5ish and we hung out at my house for a while and Chelsea called around 7isha nd we walked over to her house. Well I got this great ingenious plan...

Alright well Jeff and I went through Chelsea's back yard and we were going through her basement door, because I told her to go out front. Yeah we were going to lock her out. Well it didn't work that well... as I was going to close the door behind her her stupid little white dog satan, opps I mean Chloe barked.

Yeah Chelsea turned around and had water she tried to pour on me. Jeff came in to help and we spilled the water on her and I got squished behind the door.

I ran upstairs because I slapped Chelsea in the head and I locked myself in the bathroom. There I came across shaving cream and that's where it gets interesting.

Alright I am locked behind the door armed with a little can of shaving cream. Someone knockes on the door I instantaniously thought CHELSEA! So naturally I didn't open the door. Jeff tells me it's him and I open the door.

Chelsea pops out of nowhere, and i attack with the shaving cream, then I thought the can was empty. So I drop it and run away.

Well I found out later it wasn't empty because Chelsea picked it up and got me with it wicked bad. So Chelsea and I were covered in shaving cream and then we decided hey Jeff needs some love soo... We hug him. Yeah he loved it.

We cleaned up and all that nonsense. Then we went downstairs I drew some wicked awesome hard core stick figures which were uber hot, and we got pizza. Ohh yeah it was cute.

Noww I am sleeping pover Chelsea 'cause Jeff left at like 10ish, and it's 12:27 and I am going out definatly update in a litle bit I am ure I will have a story to tell that is even better than my last.
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September 01st, 2005

I'm hoping the next story will be better than this one. Fuck. "Yeah I guess I am wicked cool like that and I have friends. And they are cooler than your friends." Honestly how much more shallow a sentence can there be?


September 03rd, 2005

LOL dont take shit so seriouse. I thought it was cute. anywho, it doesn't say much that your comment is annon...scared of something?

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