Here's the girl you've all been waiting for.
...she's / hardly / what / she / seems / <3


Sep 24th, 2007 9:15:37 pm - Subscribe

I let you go. I'm on my own.
You're all alone, and I know it's my fault.
What is it about you now? I am sitting in my dorm room and you are only across the way but at the same time in another world.

You know I havn't loved you for a long time now&I know deep down you havn't loved me either. I met this boy in my new world he is like me.

Quite reserved, but loud and hyper and out there. There is just so much pain in his eyes when I look at them I want to jump into the deep grey oceans they are and get lost in the comfort and mystery they give.

I told him secrets that you do not quite know. He has told me things about him that he has not told anyone.

Kisses on the nose that ignite my eyes. A kiss on the cheek that makes him blush. A kiss in the forehead that makes my heart skip. Then a kiss of passion that is unlike anyother.

Rigid, heart stopping. He pulls away and apologizes, then kisses me agian. A kiss so good I want to cry. I almost do.

Weeks of passion, of kissing, of secrets. Babies breath and late nights. Drunken whishpers and awkward cuddling. Wrestling and cursing. But behind it all is the raw love that neither of us wants to admit is there.

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