Date: Apr 17th, 2007 4:03:18 pm - Subscribe
Mood: conflicted

can i just run away n keep all the connection all connected?

its such a pain/dread/troublesome/exasperating/irritating/you name it, to wait for people to take their course in life. many as such is cause by time and age factors also not to mention circumstances.

i bleed my soul out trying to parallel with n to suppress my anger to mockery solutions.

my lungs never dreamt more of explosion then it wants implosion.. and if by God's permission it could wish for no better then to have both to happen concurrently. which is quite impossible (thus the expression of its frustration)

however, i packed my box of temperament giving it just the amount of pressure suffice its calmness to gain just as my wager to suffice my daily solitary arguments.

anger is my depth
bright is my face to day
to flip my sides is my truth
and in full doubt you'll see my light

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