Date: Apr 15th, 2007 1:58:01 pm - Subscribe
Mood: sedated

i cant really seem to understand what begins and what actually tries to end.

at the end, it begins. so how?

i would like to take a walk in a place known to none and feel non-existence for a brief moment of time. That i may feel a certain peace and recollect my memories of unending taughts.

as problems sometimes seem quite distance away, like a slingshot seen from afar, but before u know it, it hits you so hard you actually cry. saddening i must say..

just like an everyday event, you layered things to pile and stack and pile and stack and pile again, in a period, it begins you with distance. as the rubbish just simply layers upon itself, you find yourself certainly heavy for some reason.

soon afterwards, this thing call failure introduce itself to you. hey if u you are even "able" to carry this world upon your shoulder, it is not then you that has to worry, it is the world that has to worry for having someone like you to fall back to. no one is perfect just as the world was made to be perfect but yet in itself made perverse. Ironic isn't it.

clearly here it seem like its going no where, but actually its going somewhere. Where?
why don't you take over the wheel.
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