Aggravating Distress Of My Soul
Date: Apr 19th, 2007 5:03:00 pm - Subscribe
Mood: stunned

surpass the flow over and you will see that the flow over was already flowing over before you taught it was flowing over.

i set silence beneath me as i look towards my horizon of my connection's combination and surprises. a surreal strange feeling pulsate through me causing me to embrace some sort disgust but yet not disgust but more of "hey I'm gonna stay away man"

isolation my sought of freedom, but of such i severe many packets interchange. i am so sick and bored of transmission of taughts which more or less ends in half ends anyway. like a spear thrown, with its means to pierce but in the end fails to succeed its task.

unbelievable i taught that i would actually screen this, but the matter of fact is, its a sooner or later matter. Why am i shown this screening? i so have to wonder deeply.

tiresome my mind is to trail along side and which is utmost utterly almost too hard to match the frequencies of packet distribution.

and again silence befriend me. i lost myself in my speech which announces taughts and from taughts it begin. i have nothing to say... mann i am just ... nuthin to say PERIOD

then again the world circulates by nature without mercy for those that wants a pause in the circle.i share the victims heart and mind. i humble myself to those who par on the standard n does not give up whilst waiting victory to arrive.

sorted out at the end, i myself became too dense, full of words, perplexedly slam to the ground with shut eyes. in a moment as serenity grips my sub conscience, i then regain a center when the noise is reduce to zero dB.
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