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xephnc aightt .. first post - Subscribe
Welcome to my humble yet not so humble blog. a place where i leave my trails of taught in hope tat someday my taught will lead me back to where i was from, which is the future where no one will ever have trails of taught tats leads to endless infinite space-like pondering.

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xephnc torrent Feb 7th, 2007 12:55:15 am - Subscribe
As of late, streamyx has been a real loser, spoil spot, or jst in short they are just an ass. they block all p2p programs... how lame is tat .. jst bcuz they cant support the overly heavy bandwidth leeching, they ban p2p.. as an excuse of not wanting to upgrade jst for the minority.. my ass.. minority.. WHY DO WE HAVE INTERNET FOR? TO DOWNLOAD PORN LA WAT ELSE .. STUPID!

malaysia ought to have more ISP .. get tm bombed ... !

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xephnc my goodyear frenz Feb 7th, 2007 1:36:45 am - Subscribe

Beware! High Profile Laboratory Specimen On The Loose! Details below. Citizens are advice to call the nearest bomba if spotted. Ur cooperation is needed desperately.

moto: life = eat , eat = life

#skill stats (max points +-100)
Resistance to food = -99
Road Hazard = 89
Road Kill = 45
Fart Density = 86
Weight = ?? (believe to have cause the taiwan earthquake)
Patience = 80
Loudness = 89

#Life Skills
amount of accident caused = 3
Special accident case = 1
Turtled a car = 1
Eating = error (almost anything even its own kind)
Communication = English
lvl of communication competence: Tarcian
Police Samans = 2


Beware of a rare genetic pig specimen.
If found, vacate n cordon off 5km in radius

Picture above depicts specimen under medication while being transfer to maximum lvl security laboratory.

*Do not attempt solo captivity of this creature*
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xephnc my goodyear frenz Feb 7th, 2007 1:58:49 am - Subscribe

this .. unimaginable strange stratosphere phenomenon. he somehow turns light to dark and with a full SHADOW of doubt, he seems to be light attracted. i jst cant explain this strange working.. its beyond me.

ok lets decipher that. this phrase "unimaginable strange stratosphere phenomenon" meant tat where ever he goes, the sky turns awwwwfully dark!. and the following phrase, "with a full SHADOW of doubt, he seems to be light attracted" means tat he does not attract light, light goes away with him around.

i think my this fren has magical powers. Like the series "Heroes"

Peace bro, luv ya

p.s if u dun get the joke, den u must be of his clan and kind.

p.s2 he thinks hes damn cooL la in the pic.. balik la

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xephnc my goodyear frenz Feb 7th, 2007 2:09:24 am - Subscribe

one word: retard

hes one of the small kids of some orphanage. suffering from stunted mental growth, affecting not only his mind but also his physical growth.

mindful, i really think he has mental issues, freaking LOUD, omg, omg v1.2, well tats jst all abt him.. many things still undeveloped.

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