Do While Not Despondent
Date: Apr 21st, 2007 3:18:11 pm - Subscribe
Mood: brave

i kind of got to vent my frustration out on my blog and interestingly i never taught i would ever. but i guess its good since most of the time the readers wont be able to understand what i am trying to rant about. lol its all good i guess

tonight i feel rather at peace, one of my problems has found its salvation due to God's help and me dispersing some undetermined direction of mind attraction. its sort of some feeling felt all about.

i linger around for abit in my surrounding and i found that the air was easier to breathe then before. i imagine it was like kicking the thin air and actually hit something. i dunno .. i dun seem to make any sense.

change is good however the outcome... but pain is what makes reality real. oh well .. tonight dun really feel like talking about anything, just wanna simply blurt something out..

its time for new stuff in my life.. add some credits to my life.
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