Date: Jun 9th, 2007 4:00:37 pm - Subscribe
Mood: helpless

For the past week.. many events has occurred in my life.. many have been good many have been not so good.

lost and gain some friends.. trust base issues have been quite a ruckus. Hanging now between laziness and things needed to be dealt with.

i ought to come to my senses. Falling in falling out .. whats new in that category.. many of times it wasnt a very good experience i might say.

wish i was smarter at those times... wish i had more wisdom to move and pick. but well as its life's package, not much can be done but to learn n move on.

again i kinda lost me motivation n such.. so bored n just have nuthin to look forward for.
i wan income but too lazy to do anything about it.

how many of my mistake are of mine and which are made purposeful...

i have to thank my friends for being understandable and very patience with me as i learn and grow. its not been easy for ppl arnd me to get easy with me. those are they tat i could run my running tears to, those are they that could make my curve a strait. og what would i do without dem.

as i grow to be more mature, i begin to see many perspective of how i shld be forgiving to other as i have been, of how i shld tolerate the many things others do that in my life time has done. But still at times it take a toll on my patience and wish to smack some sense into dem, but have to hold back for they too must be given a chance to learn and grow from it.

I wish i could say to dem, ive been through this and give dem appropriate advice but it would really matter what i say, cuz many others can and if im not respected, my words are of a lost course, isnt it?

to get close to someone is not a simple task, especially when u really need to or want to, it jst doesnt comes naturally. and when it does, it jst doesnt comes at the good time. null again.

i began to worryof myself whether i could really get a job for myself that i wan n pays well at the same time. all the ppl arnd me seems to have qualification and am jst still without one. so discauraging.... but den again who is to blame... jst have to be strong and do somethiong about it..

hmm so many thing i wanna say but it jst become a bag of stuff too stifling for word to describe at the moment. lol .. i guess i will jst have to end here... running out of words to write..

May ur grace suffice me
May ur strength gives me an arms length
May ur favour so stain me
May ur hand be all that is to me
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