Jumping Jack
Date: May 4th, 2007 5:21:58 pm - Subscribe
Mood: malicious

Oh my i made a mistake doubting. shit. again i have volunteerily subscribe myself in another shit hole. damn! how i hate my doings. Now i have to wait for a period of time to reengineer the issue to point-blank zero. if it actually can reach point-black.

argh, why do i made the same mistake over n over again. Dont i jst learn from one. shit! totally bewildered with myself. NumbSkull! i am. pretty dense when it comes to this section of my numbskull brain. arrrgghh! pls pls pls let it slide. i hate reading history and worst is reading the history in present running simulation of the history. Only thing is, ITS NOT A SIMULATION!

grr... bite me and i will promise you i bite your head off. need to vent some anger... since i feel so damn stupid. well some of you wouldnt mind saying that i am actually stupid. jst for joke sake. BITE ME then.

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