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Date: Apr 28th, 2007 2:31:43 pm - Subscribe
Mood: complicated

Went to a club for a friend's birthday party tonight. its was a "great success" party. nice bunch of ppl. tho i didnt talk much (as i always do), i enjoyed myself.

its a major turn off to me for those of my friends that cant handle their liquor. Well its fine to drink and get high or even piss drunk to wasted but try to at least abstain from insulting people and make people piss off. sigh .. a rather sad omen

well in other news.. i started work 2 days back and i must say its less then expected of me to find my job rather dull and unsatisfying. i really hope theres something to look out for in the coming days. Or else i would have just voluntarily registered myself into a living torment.

well, i do like the stuff related to the job but it does get pretty stump when there is nothing new to discover whilst doing the same shit everyday plus i have to do somethings that i dun have the heart of doing. sighhhhh i guess thats work.

well tonight, was a rather fine night. i wanted to do something and chill with my friends, the party served the purpose pretty well aside the "ei i not drunk la". Few of them i know they are not drunk because i know that they know what liquor they are actually holding in their hand. ah lets leave it at that. im pretty sure you get what i mean.
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