Pieces that sticks but yet doesnt form a picture
Date: Apr 15th, 2007 1:26:32 pm - Subscribe
Mood: dull

Troubling is the idea of many problems circulating your friends. Though the answers are there, though the truth is spoken, the problem still lays there clutching.

These issues give your soul a sense of weakness and wearisomeness. Its sort of like a thousand puzzles that sticks together correctly but it jst doesnt seem to form any image perceivably with eyes. it seriously exasperate the soul.

one that does not honour the respect of feelings should not be given back in the same manner. thus said, respect is earn and not given at any desired time.

*this will be left hanging as the subject clearly means so.
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Date: Apr 12th, 2007 5:00:40 pm - Subscribe
Mood: uncertain

particle of vibrations that give one the many ups and downs.

look for the source that resonates your being and you may find just the thing that will keep you going for another day. If tomorrow you lack the faith of seeing the sunrise, you may not even learn to breathe the current air that you now believe is air. how is that related to sound?

sound and air relates, without air, sound would not travel.

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Date: Apr 12th, 2007 4:51:54 pm - Subscribe
Mood: energized

Skillet - comatose

What a lovely band

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A certain must
Date: Apr 12th, 2007 4:50:58 pm - Subscribe
Mood: introspective

After a talk in my disclose conversation of the 3, i have realize a certain must in my walk. Things i have to realize to grow up to and grow out off. Its not a debatable opinion or truth but an inevitable fact i must certainly realize and do.

in terms, i must grow sober of my old actions and determine to seep in a new skin to derive my own new path and produce result of elevating my problems.

To try to focus and talk to certain people and to bring darkness to light, is a certain pertaining pain that has always scratch the surface of my heart and mind. Thus instead of wallowing in my own justification and my own run-walk, no better solution is that i myself do a certain must to achieve the goals that has already been set for me to reach.

I want to love
I want to live
I want to believe
I want to most of all embrace all of that is given rights to me

when the string gets too coarse
you hold even tighter
when the your feet slips in flowing waters
you stand up and walk against the current
when all else fails
you start from the beginning

and through and through, you may find life abundantly and even more abundantly then you have ever dream of.
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Date: Apr 12th, 2007 4:35:21 pm - Subscribe
Mood: reclusive

There will be a time where everyone's words spoken will be a reflection upon themselves. How intense that reflection is, depends on their realization of it. suffice to say that its a mirror image of themselves trying to speak to themselves but in actual reality is that they are not looking at temselves in the mirror but they are looking at another whilst giving their speech.

This is the point that they themselves shuts for a moment pondering whether are they the right ones to say such an advice when they themselves are not really living up to their own words

Words spoken is often out of ones owns experience and in such words one does not realize that it actually implies to them self so much

However, advice is a must! given the correct and accurate appointed time and season. Because in such, even though you may not live up to your words, it gives another live and encouragement and probably salvation

This is A beauty of word acknowledgments, that we see in our everyday life walks.
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Date: Mar 25th, 2007 5:03:28 am - Subscribe
Mood: glum

the words u use to speak u speak no more
the thoughts u pondered no longer u reminisce
the path u walked on no longer u strife on
the smile u once had became one of your biggest frown
the heart u once bear became like the million stars shattered
the sweetest of moments before impales every inch of your soul

you want to run so far with the point of fade
you want to scream so loud tat by faith it reaches the universe
you want no more being a part of believing the life without death

I want to jump from sky to sky
I want to kill without the mercy of giving a glance
I want to rip you apart from my every vein
I want to suffocate you like a stone whirl pooled down the vast open seas
I want you to suffer the millions of unearthing screeching of void screams

It is a pain to believe
It is a dread to cut n cut
It’s so much more to walk when a knife crevassed your spine
It has never been a talk of ages
Until the ray of light unsheathe the nigh

I never wanted to believe in the first place
I never wanted to be even close to you
I dun think I ever want to actually talk to you
I detest you, I despise you, I HATE you

My pupils shall never receive your image
My mind shall be abhorred by your very point of existence

You must not die
For you must live
And in your life
You must breathe in all your memories
Your memories that burns
Burns like lava upon your skin
And again you must not die
Because You must live to see the days of the end

And in that hour
I shall turn and cast a smile upon you

For in thine hell
I shall find my peace
For in thine shredding
I will look upon my smile
For in thine breathless
I renew my life

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Date: Feb 13th, 2007 2:21:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood: touchy


somehow even with the knowledge of knowing that you will be alone this vaLentine cannot beat the feeling of being lonely.

cranking up some soul muziK just kicks the mood in. Trying to keep the fine sanity line of being extremely sad n pathetic with the positive mind quotation "Hey i still got my friend around me" It leaves you to choose for the entire hours of the day between these 2 moods

for those who have no such privilege of feeling these two emotion .. you, sadly to say, have no heart to begin with. so yeah .. don't think that your being superior in anyway.

back to my ramblings, yeah .. hanging out with your bunch of guy friends really would feel extremely Loser-like n absolutely ghey~! but well .. at least we all have something in common in the end. Get wasted, bust to cry on each other's shoulder hoping for a better vaLentine next year.

but however, on the other hand, those who are coupled or going to be coupled, or trying to couple .. which ever you like to choose(As long as u are happy) will have many question such of high importance, on the guy side, probably would be ... what should i buy her for vaLentines?, where should we go?, monetory budget, trying to fill every moment with something of memory(which, trust me, its not an easy task .. it really hard). On the girl side, well i dunno since i am not a girl, so i am just gonna shoot away, possibly thinking of whats gonna happen, where will he bring me or if u like where will SHE bring me, what should i wear?, will i be able to make him like me more? will my outfit make him h0rny or as such of the same effect, trouble sleeping the nite before, will he hold my hand?, will he make the first move? will the best thing happen to me ... bla bla bla ... u know girls.. imperative to almost dauntless.

but even so, after much tiresome planning and anticipation, I'm sure the worst of all dates would turn out to be of the highest degree of splendid memory burn. O as i would like to say.. Subarashi~!

sigh what a lonesome vaLentine's .. cry.gif

StiLL h0ping for a hot chicK to come my way
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Valentine Day
Date: Feb 12th, 2007 2:28:59 am - Subscribe
Mood: nothing


valentine is coming and i have no chick to teman me ... sad nyer ... wish i had a hot chick ... d4mn

well ..... wat to do ... since i am too handsome to be approach by any girl..
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Valentine Letter
Date: Feb 12th, 2007 2:20:33 am - Subscribe
Mood: burned

your eyes are so captivating
like when i frist saw a new born
your face is so pretty
like when i first saw an aurora
your hair is so silky
like when i first felt the river
your curves are so bewildering
like when i first saw mount everest
your skin is so soft n smooth
like when i first touch a breeze
your smile is so heart warming
like when i first wore mittens
your voice is so paralyzing
like when i first heard an orchestra
your features is so god-like nearly perfected
like when i first made love
You and yours truely
From the depth of my stolen heart
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Bkt day
Date: Feb 12th, 2007 2:17:07 am - Subscribe
Mood: lifeless

Last fri, we had the biggest plan for BKT. The wonderful trip ever for the past 2007.

We were to pick up sheila at subang n head of to klang. all the way to klang to eat bkt. b4 that we had to pick up bryan's fren Elisia however u spell her name.. she live some god forsaken jungle ... took us about 1 hour to find her house.. by the time v got ready .. to leave for the awesome bkt ... to our amazement our bkt spot was close .. was the terrible experience since v all fast the day for bkt ...

so we went to a second spot of bkt .. and also to our amazement it was also close ... everyone was edgy and curseful ... so to speak ... sad, frustrated, and almost death throbbing we went to out last spot ... known by Elisia ...

As we approach with high expectation .. we couldnt believe our eyes .. it seems tat the pigs in tat area has somehow migrated due to the high demands of bkt.. our hearts was crush beyond words... exasperated v decided jst to go mamak instead ...

Everyone was doom-like mood as v ordered our drink at the mamak store...

but after a few moment ... Elisia had a revelation .... WOOOO .. she rememberd tat there is a 24 hrs BKT stall somewhere nearby ... all of the sudden all our hearts was revived with high hopes n joy ..

We quickly bottoms up our drinks n teleported to the last resort. With a sigh of relief its OPEN ...

We orderd a 5 ppl course bkt ... n in a few moments it was emptied ... well of course with us, Bryan(2 person), Ben, joshua n me.. all in precedence order of food gauge.

It was not filling enuf.. so v orderd like another 3 set of bkt catered to us three. N also in moments it was emptied.

Ben .. and his big mouth .. asked for cili padi bcuz the shop gave us all one small portion of chili padi each .. he sad give us one big bowl of chili padi.. big big wan... v all laugh thinkin tat no one would actually bring such a big bowl of chili padi.. but the waitress brought us a rice bowl size of chili padi filld almost full with soya souce n chili padi. OMG ...

N with Ben's high ego n pride .. he determine tat v must fins the chili padi .. n so v did.. but ben ate the most .. and i am guesing now he has stomach canser.

so tats tat ... v had our fill .. n in the spur of the moment another revelation came.. All of us decided to go to genting... Fuu ...

we went over to elisha's house to deposit and lepak for few minutes den v are off to genting ... well genting wasnt tat close tat night but it was fun nevertheless....

We all came back at 6 n josh didnt sleep cuz he had class on the day itself ....

That end our BKT day ... n all this happen in one day.

p.s if ur a grammar person .... sorry to disappoint you =)
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