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forget me..

Dec 6th, 2006 4:44:16 am - Subscribe

im sick of this relationship..

its going nowhere..

a few days ago we hit some rocks. He explained he wasnt sure if a relationship was for him..abd told me he kinda wished he was single again. We talker it over and decided to wait a month and see where we head. But we havnt gone far...
He has left me...agian...and gone home..!
i know its the silliest thing to be upset about but he doesnt seem like he understands how much i am willing to sacrifice for him...compared to the amount that he has given up for me, i have given up so much more...

im pregnant.
and he doesnt really give a shit..
like he said he was really woried but trufully, i can tell it doesnt effect him at all.


if it doesnt effect him full-on, its not worth a second glance.

i really hate how everything is one-sided.

i hope you read this...
mood: overwhelmed
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