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deathcab4u Satellite Repairs - Subscribe
It wasn't a long ride from Clayton's home to the depot, but it wasn't exactly a short one either. The sun would be above the horizon by the time he was getting off the tram at his destination. The trams are relatively comfortable. They hard metal seats are at least contoured in a way that seems encourage healthy posture.

This far out from the city center there are only a few passengers remaining on board for the last half of the journey. Young looking, but of course almost everyone looks young. Most dressed like farmers and a few students. One man dressed and assuming the appearance of a merchant.

He is the only one that seems impatient to get to where we are going, the rest of them content to watch out the window and occasionally make eye contact and smile with each other. Except for the business man, he darts away his gaze if eye should accidentally meet.

Now there were only a handful of green dots on the minimap. It was Clayton, the business man, an old woman and a student on the train with just the tram engineer and conductor on board. In his periphery armor suit he attracted more than a few glances and stares throughout the journey but the three other passengers in the car seemed used to his presence by now. It isn't often people see a ranger on public transportation. Especially one with the amount of equipment and armaments as Clayton was carrying.

Surely he was being talked about now as the departed passengers reached their laboratories and offices, markets, and fields. What was a fully equipped ranger doing out his way? The threats were in the jungles to the west and south. They came down from the mountains to the north. But there was nothing to the east. It is a desert that no one has ever come back from.

As the tram came to a halt and the doors opened the old woman smiled a goodbye at Clayton and he bowed back reverently. The business man gathered his things and was off in a huff, never looking back. The student was absorbed in a video call with an attractive girl which brought back Clayton's memories from the night before.

"Was it real? Was she real? Was it all just the dream? Too many questions," he told himself. Of course she was real and he had indeed met her but he had never fallen in love before and nobody had warned him what it would feel like.

"Damnit, I really need to focus," he mutters to himself as he walks the remainder of the way to the depot. "This is not the day to be distracted."

This is the first time those five satellites will go online. Patrol units made two trips in the last week to clear the way. Only two encounters with predators on the first patrol and none the second.

He will have to stay calm and alert, keeping patient as he divides his attention between two tasks. If he loses himself completely in his work he will end up somebody's lunch.

He enters a sequence of numbers onto a pad next to a set of blast doors. They open up and he slips into a dimly lit hallway disappearing from sight.

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deathcab4u Waking up Oct 8th, 2014 10:16:39 am - Subscribe
Waking up is usually mundane. In the city it might be accompanied by the sounds of trams and cars in the intersections.

Out in the country the rooster calls out at first light, he is followed by the crescendo of bird song.

Either way, all but the very unfortunate few will wake up where they went to sleep. Seamlessly arising to meet a new day where it left off the night before.

On this particular day Clayton Wade woke up like he did most days. Ten minutes before his alarm went off he was up and getting ready. Having no particular reason to think today was different than any other, his thoughts were simple and pleasant. With the face of a woman he met last night filling his mental vision he shaved and got dressed robotically. His imagination engrossed in a little fantasy he continued from the dream just before he came to.

Boop-Beep-Boop! Boop-Beep-Boop! "Wake-up-bro," says the alarm. He waved his hand quickly but smoothly over something on a hook and the chime ceased to alert.

"Where was I?" he asked himself out loud. The device on the hook chimed in, "Good morning Clayton, you have five satellites today. I -"

He waves his hand over it again, silencing it. He put it on and finished getting dressed. With his fantasy broken by the interrupting watch there was nothing left to do but gather his focus for a long day.

Most field engineers would never have five satellites in one day but Clayton is one of the most exceptional of his time. However often he fails to see that about himself it is true none the less. Todays route has him going the furthest out anyone has ever gone from the city. It is a dangerous endeavor.

Once outside the city walls there are things of all shapes and sizes that want to eat humans. The threat is constant, however the most travelled routes are fairly safe. "Patrolman with weapons have done well to keep the city safe," he thinks to himself, "but there have been not patrols to where I'm going."

He is going to have to be vigilant today. He fastens on a full periphery suit. It's even better than eyes in the back of your head. This technology enhances the senses to superhuman levels. With it he can hear like a bat, see like an eagle, and feel electromagnetic fields of living organisms. It's armor as well, protecting from piercing and slashing as well. However, it can't protect him from being crushed, picked up, thrown, flown or pulled apart. "So I'll bring backup batteries for my plasma rifle."

He is beginning to look more like a cool astronaut than a ranger as he latches his spare ammo batts onto his waist belt. Rifle slung over one shoulder and a tool bag full of interesting objects hanging low on the hip. A sleek helmet completed the equipment.

The visor on the helmet came to life. After a few moments a heads up display came over the visor like it was a computer screen. His map and other vital information displayed around the edges of the screen. The computer constantly analysing the world around through cameras, satellites and the periphery suit. Life forms start dotting up all over on the map, the friendly green dots aren't the ones he need worry about.

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deathcab4u must write Apr 2nd, 2011 4:15:43 pm - Subscribe
in times of serious crazies i tend to throw an entry down on my old friend, Aeonity.

the sparse manic entries that i scribble

i miss writing, i want to write

must write

I recently subjected myself to an ordeal of patience, compassion and enlightenment.

"Be careful what you wish for," or some variation of the proverb.

Enlightenment whooped my ass. Exhausted physically and mentally. Stability has been a day to day, hour to hour mystery.

Anxiety can strike like those expensive military drones. A missile of fast breath, tight chest and confusion.

I think anxiety is a respectable opponent. A dirty weapon, not to be underestimated.

Those peddling fear know the power of anxiety.

Fortunately, though, fear is hollow.

Pushed back by the flame of a pure heart. Shattered by the piercing blow of sharp intellect. Softened by compassion. Defeated with patience. Outwitted by simplicity.

Fear has no place in my life, cast aside with hope. Neither have substance, and I will not cling to either.
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deathcab4u Low Energy Jan 11th, 2010 1:58:42 pm - Subscribe
Been up late for too many nights in a row and I feel pretty damn tired finally. I hate when things catch up to me. I run run run, push push push, try to get away with as much as I can.

Pushing limits of my sanity, society and political correctness on a daily basis.

It isn't that I am extremely active and busy, I just cannot get the rest I require even for my lazy lifestyle.

Anyways, although much of my current physical status is due to lack of sleep I am also guilty of a few things I want to change. I need to eat healthier, stop smoking and exercise.

Typical things most people want to do, things that I need to do. My body has changed in the last 2 years and it bothers me more than I let myself think.

Step 1: Get proper rest. If I could get my sleep schedule straight I would actually have time for eating better and exercising.

Those three things would help my life so much, physically and mentally. It would make the bi-polar more friendly too.
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deathcab4u while you sleep Jan 3rd, 2010 4:54:59 pm - Subscribe
I have had a nauseating vortex of thoughts lately. I cant focus but I ponder over fleeting ideas for a few moments before the next idea or distraction.

I guess I am coming to accept that bipolar is real. I am doing pretty great the last few months though. I have learned how to do this without medication pretty well.

I decided that it is part of who I am and I don't want to take pills to change that.

Writing my thoughts seems to be an effective way for me to cope. The things I wouldn't burden a friend with or don't care to discuss with people I know can be thrown off into the void of the netz. Sure some people I know might read it but it's on their own time and effort. I can be sure I am not being a downer to them.

As soon as I can concentrate again I want to plan a day to take photographs somewhere. Not sure where yet but I need to take more pictures.

I will be 23 years old in a month and a half. A sense of urgency to take more steps towards my goals is grabbing hold.
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deathcab4u Motivation Dec 28th, 2009 8:19:26 pm - Subscribe
I feel motivated to pursue my goals now that I am less upset over the premature ending of what I thought was a nice relationship. I was her first boyfriend so I was silly to think we would make any real connection after all I've been through.

But that motivation thing. I am having non stop day dreams about photography, my media company I am working on and it excites me.

I need to go go go and realize some of these dreams once all the holiday madness dissipates.

Normally I am not hostage to the festivities but my life has become so social as of late that I am low on energy and time for myself.

Time to regroup and re-focus on what I love.
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deathcab4u Don't Sleep Dec 23rd, 2009 6:36:26 am - Subscribe
..and everything felt good until I fell asleep. There in my dreams I was vulnerable and haunted by the painful memories of bad things that never happened..

...another piece of my heart handed away. The hole left behind to be filled by her love. Instead darkness sinks in, cold tendrils of despair tighten. For it isn't her that the boy desires is a longing to love and to be loved...
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deathcab4u fail... Dec 21st, 2009 8:33:09 pm - Subscribe
Fooled again.

Never been led on this bad.

I knew better but I fell for her anyways.

The saddest part?

I will let it happen again and again and again with each girl I fall for.

Where are the girls that are meant for guys like me?

...or is that just a dream I will chase to my grave...
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deathcab4u Merry X-Mas Dec 18th, 2009 4:02:49 pm - Subscribe
Well it's that time of year again.

Friday nights are pretty low key around the apartment. For me it's the end of a long 6 day work week. I would say I look forward to enjoying my day off (saturdays) but it's always the busiest day of the week.

Getting a new bed delivered, need to do some shopping to support the economy,

OH....and I am going to meet my girlfriends parents. This has never phased me in all my life....until now. Usually I get away with meeting a girls parents the first few times in passing...a few brief chats when i pick a girl up for a date.

This event is some sort of making cookies and hanging out for the day shit and its a bit of a thing because her sister is in town for the holiday.


No good excuses lined up for leaving if I get awkward. I guess it's because i have been feeling pretty 'emo' the past few days and not interested in chatting up parents.

WISH ME LUCK. I'm sure my charm will kick in. It always does.
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deathcab4u Hello, Link on my Favorites Bar Nov 9th, 2009 2:46:32 pm - Subscribe
For sake of simplicity I use Safari.

It has a nice little favorites bar.

This Blog is on that bar.

It's crazy how I can see something everyday and not really notice it or give real thought to it.

Today was weird for me. I convinced myself of something silly. But I held to my decision about silly thoughts like that, which is not to get carried away by them.

Go figure that I was right and that i was thinkin crazy thoughts. Closer and closer to handling my feelings I am.

Soon my roommate will be home. Hello Duvel Golden Ale and dicking around on my iPhone.

Well, Open Office should be downloaded by now (Was super slow to getting it on this comp). Going to update the good ol resume and get busy.

Money is the only thing I like more than women or myself...and the best thing in the world is all of those things together at the same time!
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deathcab4u Goals Sep 16th, 2008 11:29:01 pm - Subscribe

Quitting Jimmy Johns and beginning at Dominos starting monday. Offer to be assistant manager at Halloween Express with Lauren.

As far as money goes making more would be nice but in the long run I think time to devote to personal development, school and volunteering will be more important than paying off all my bills a little faster.

Plan A:
Within a week of today have requested professional letters of recommendation from 5 people and ask that they have them to me within 2 weeks of request. Within 1 week of receiving the letters have applied to three Wilderness Therapy Schools on the list provided by a friend. Also contact family in Oregon and Utah to explain plans and request hospitality if I am selected and accept a job offer.

Also, within a week find information for CPR and First Aid Certifications and get that done within 3 weeks if possible.

If invited to go to a training session and hired I will move be moving out of state and must complete obvious preparations for making such a move.

Plan B:
If not selected for a field instructor position at this time request feedback about what to do to to be hirable for that type of work. Take Action on feedback.

In addition volunteer with High School Youth Group and/or Boy Scouts. In January Take EMT courses. In the summer work at a youth summer camp to gain more experience in that area. Re-apply to Wilderness Therapy Schools in the end of the summer.

Also currently I must talk to my father about money for current tuition and maybe some money to help with my vehicle registration. Must also cut back discretionary spending.
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deathcab4u Rainy Day Sep 4th, 2008 1:46:29 am - Subscribe
Sometimes I feel like I am a character in a movie.


In movies even the guy I play ends up with some sort of resolution.

I don't want to be at the end of my story in any sense, but it sure feels like I experience a lot of conflict for so little reward or consolation.

On the bright side, Poison Oak Media is kicking off. An idea I had a year ago is finally coming to realization with the help of my best friend. Our combined skills is what the company needed to become something real.

I am really excited and am planning on putting a lot of effort into this renewed initiative.

I had to call in sick due to anxiety attack again so I figured I'd make good use of my day. I feel like we did well, I got a lot done and am a step closer to doing something I love to survive.

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deathcab4u Boop Beep Boop Sep 2nd, 2008 11:18:57 pm - Subscribe
Re-activated my emusic account and got 75 free downloads. I got to pick up some music ive wanted to for awhile now and some new stuff too.

I doownloaded music from:

Vampire Weekend
The Gaslight Anthem
Damien Jurado
Dr Manhattan
Blue Mountain
Frightened Rabbit

I am a really big fan of Alt Country, stuff like Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Son Volt, Wilco and stuff that has a little twang ya know what I mean?

I really enjoy that bluegrassy touch to country.
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deathcab4u FAT TIRE Sep 1st, 2008 12:56:54 am - Subscribe
Another lovely Sunday.

I have one day off from work each week and I try to make it the BEST day of the week.

Today I went to church and then met with my bro's for bible study. Then we went to the Guitar Center and one of my friends bought a Synth for their band.

After that 3 of us went to a little pub in town and had a pint of Fat Tire and some sandwiches, it was fantastic!

Always good to have a pint before 20s group bible study. And then another one after bible study? Yes please!

SO yeah, after 20s group 8 of us went to a different bar for a pint f Hacker Pshorr and it was a great time.

MORAL of the STORY: 2 Pints of Beer, 2 Bible Studies, Church and the best friends you could ask for make up an amazing sunday.

I recommend it to anyone who loves the lord and cold beer as much as me!

K, well I think I work tomorrow so I'm going to get some sleep and pray to god that I do his will and work wherever he places me. And I might plead like a child for it to be somewhere else sooon lulz.

I know that His work needs to be done everywhere in the world, and that this might even be the place I make the connection to my next step of life, that or its just building characer /sigh.

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deathcab4u HOLY SMOKES Aug 21st, 2008 2:14:40 am - Subscribe



I remembered this blog today and GO FIGURE, it still exists. My GUTS SPLATTERED all over a page on the internet!

Well I'll be damned, I can't resist the urge to post and to read about myself because i don't know who I am anymore =*(

Funny the things we do when we are stressed and tired. Lost and confused. I'd write in a journal but its in the car and I def prefer typing. Also, the feeling that this may be read is comforting in a weird way. YEAH OK.

Anyways, 2am and I am guess I should hit the sack and try to keep my cool. ALL I WANT TO DO IS LET OUT A LITTLE STEAM AND RELEASE SOME TENSION!

k thx ttyl

EDIT: Ok I read some entries from when I was with B. If I learned anything its that spending so much time with a person and obsessing over them is recipe for disaster. YIKES. lol. I will not let that happen again. Personal time > Needy Relationships.
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deathcab4u Like A Pirate Aug 15th, 2007 10:36:35 am - Subscribe
What What?

Oh yeah, it's me. Mr. Ross "MC"

It's true, I'm adding an entry to my Aeonity Blog. I used to post on this every day! Sometimes more. Sadly, it was mostly because I was looking for someone, anyone to hear my young troubles and perceived teenage strife.

It's weird to change a blog over from the diary entries of a teenager to something that is more modern to my current situation.

I think I am going to start using a blog to talk about photography and travel. But...I am going to see about creating a new account for that because I would prefer to seperate the old life from the new.

So for what is most likely the last of my intimate posts on Aeonity I am going to add a few things. In case anyone remembers me.

About a month ago my fiance broke up with me because the relationship was not working. FIghting, arguing, crying, anger and a couple days a week that were magicvaly wonderful. I wan't on my bipolar medication and she has her own problems as well, so it was a bad situation.

Well, after that I went to South Dakota, for a field geology trip for 10 DAYS! It was super fantastic and I loved every day of it. We studied the Black Hills, Devils Tower, Bear Butte, Jewel Cave and the Badlands.

I made many new friends and even started to date this amazing young lady I met on the trip.

Shes very good for me as far as personality and pursuits. As well as where she is in her life with growing up.

I'm taking care of myself. Taking my meds, taking my happiness into my own hands and setting goals and plans for my future.

All in all it working out so far.

That is my month in a nutshell, and I wish everyone happiness. I am going to come up with an account for the super awesome blog to present Mr. Ross' amazing photography and adventures! Yey, awesome, woohooo!
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deathcab4u MPG Feb 28th, 2007 8:12:09 pm - Subscribe
I had a pleasant surprise today as I drove home from Brittany's today.

I filled the gas tank on my 99 Toyota Corolla with the mid-grade gasoline.

304 miles later in Madison, WI I filled my tank again and much to my surprise, my miles per gallon were remarkable.

The car is advertised to get 36 on the highway, but when I calculated it came up as 39 miles per gallon!

Even with an error margin of say...2 miles per gallon that's still an incredible 37 miles to the gallon.

Why is this so crazy to me?!

In my 90 Grand Caravan SE I would usually get as low as 16 MPG on the highway and rarely over 18 city driving.

It costs me around $60 to make my 800+ miles round trip.

What a deal!

Alrighty...that was sure to be a very cheesy entry.

Good night Aeonity Bloggers. After such a drive this young man is off to bed.
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deathcab4u Not Married Yet Feb 21st, 2007 8:38:43 pm - Subscribe
No Frost, I'm not married yet...


I am engaged!

We are waiting until she graduates with her Bachelor in Sociology two years from now.

Until then, my plan is to live here in the good ol' Chicago Suburbs until December orJanuary. At that point I am going to move to Ashland, WI where I will be with Brittany for the remainder of her academic career.

Right now I am more than happy being engaged. It is the commitment that I desire and need. We know we want to get married and the boyfriend/girlfriend level didn't feel like enough.

I guess that's when people get engaged. That's how it is for Brittany and me, and that's all that matters isn't it? happy.gif
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deathcab4u On a Thursday Feb 15th, 2007 8:05:33 pm - Subscribe
On a Thursday...

I wake up between 8 and 9am

I am taking an online class this semester and haven't bought one of the books I need to do the coursework, I was going to today and I forgot...ouch!

Tomorrow after I drive my grandmother to her friend's place tomorrow I am going to go visit my brother who just had a second baby girl. She is 1 week old. I also get to see my neice who is going to be 2.5 very soon.

My brother said she was asking for me the other day. It is a suprisingly nice feeling to hear that you 2 year old neice misses you.

I miss her too.

I leave you with a picture of the one and only, the lovely charasmatic, always fun to be around...Ross

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deathcab4u Happy Birthday to Me! Feb 14th, 2007 8:21:10 pm - Subscribe
Well David...I have been very busy!

First of all, thank you for remembering me happy.gif

I am still working at Starbucks. On friday I have my 6 month review and I will get the standard raise from $7.80 to $8.58 an hour. That is my base pay, then I get $1.50 to $2.00 per hour in cash every week as well. Not to mention all the benefits of being a full time employee.

I plan on getting a sweet promotion in may when I am done being a full time student. THen I will be making over $10 an hour and tips.

That's not to bad for a student. My main objective is to get management experience as a shift superviser. That will help me get another middle management position when I move up to Ashland, WI.

It's better than minimum wage...

Today I picked up a shift from 4:30am until 9:45, but I stayed until 11:15 because a girl didn't show up. I'm such a trooper on my birthday!

Anyways, I went to Brittany(my fiance)'s house and talked to her dad for almost 2 hours and picked up some stuff that they got for my birthday. Very kind of them. I think I will send a thank you card.

I am going up to visit Brittany at school the 23rd...woooeee.

I am almost done with my associates degree. I got another lame teacher for COllege Algebra, I really need to pass this time.

Aaaanyways. Thats seems like quite a bit for now. I am going to think about something to do for writing on Aeonity again. Maybe I can motivate my self and start doing a picture of the week. Get back into my photography a little bit.

I am not so much a kid anymore, 20 years old. I have grown up a lot since I started journaling on here. I used to be a little "emoliscious"....I am sad to say.

Now I am engaged, I pay all sorts of bills, I am planning on moving out withi9n the next year, life is progressing for me.

Until next time my friends (which I promise to be sooner than later)...Happy Valentines day and make the most of every day.

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