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Aug 26th, 2006 11:36:04 pm - Subscribe

i got a job in town. in a little cafe thing. Its kinda hard to explain but it seems ok, i guess. But right now its a job and thats what i need. something to occupy myself, something for me to do. i hope its ok.

Im not sure if i still want to go to the hairdressing job. As they might get the wrong idea about why in there. Im just there for the experience now but it might lead to the job, but i doubt it.

kinda over everyone else. i think since i ve left school ive kinda found out more about myself and evloved im my tastes, style, friends etc and now i see people that havnt and i kinda think that they need to move on. I saw this girl that looked exactly like me, dess sense i mean , and i just think, "your abit behind". but i fell kinda guilty coz i have moved on and i expect the rest of perth to do the same.


lives pretty alright now!!

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