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job prospects

Aug 23rd, 2006 10:38:13 pm - Subscribe

All Rayner and i do is fight now. We hardly ever have nice concersation. Last night we had a big fight (which these days is quite common), and we tried to sort things out but i say things that i have bottled up for a long time and this creates aother level of the arguement. I dont like this at all.

Im still trying to find a job. I have applyed for about 30 and they either dont reply or find someone better. But one has come through, a counterthand job, but im not sure if its really what i want to do. Ive been trying to a hairdresssing aprrenticeship but nothing has worked out. It seems like i have a pretty good chance at this counterhand job but i still want the aprrenticeship. I know what i have to do aswell. Get some experience behind me and they will stop falling through.

I have a trial day next weekend( thursday, friday, saturday) at LUNITIK FRINGE, so if i get work experience before that then it might be a good prospect.

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avatar emogirlie

August 23rd, 2006

good luck!

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