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loose baggage..

Dec 30th, 2006 5:47:05 pm - Subscribe

rayner cam over yesterday..

and he keept going on about how good i looked..

he keept kissing me..
and touching me..

and we eventually had sex..

it was the best sex ive ever had..
well..ive only had sex with rayner..

but god it was good..

i think its because we know were not ment to do it.. but it was amazing..

he misses me..
which is fantastic..

its good for him to show some emtions..
other the anger..

well always have a bond...
that one day will be broken once somelese comes into one of our lives..

hopefully we will be friends for a long time..
best friends..

would be awesome..

in the last week..since we broke up..
i have lost 2.2 kg..
which is massive..
71.7 down to 69.5..
im so happy..
but i want to get down to 65 kg by the time i go back to work..
im so proud of myself..

but im kinda embarressed..

in the last week..
ive only had 3 real meals..
ive had 2 slim shakes..
and the rest i have missed..
the price i pay..
mood: excited
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