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sad times

Dec 23rd, 2006 12:23:59 am - Subscribe

he left me..
im all alone now. ive got absolutely no-one to turn to..
i cant stop crying...
i dont know what to do..
two days before christmas and he hits me with this..
telling me he doesnt want to be with me anymore..

and expects me to be ok with it..
like its not riping me to streads to hear the people i want to be with for the rest of my life isnt in love with anymore..
we have been through so much this last year and a half..
and he just..

does this..

its killing me..

i just want to run away and fall in a hole and die..
never come back...

its sooooooo hard to sit back and watch him not care..
that this is destroying me..

i gave up everything for him..

my friends
my time...

everything i have..

for him...and he just throws me away like a used tissue...like the hundreds i have in front of me...

why isnt this killing him like its making me fall into pieces...

i miss him so much//
i need him to live..
to breath//
mood: lonely
music: escape artists never die..-FFAF
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avatar rain_drop

December 23rd, 2006

wow...i know this has got to be painful for you right now..esp before christmas. try to keep ur head up..there are ppl around...just keep writing out ur feelings...i think it helps...i dunno. just a thought...just like i though i'd leave ya a comment..i know it won't make things better though...sorry.

comment much??
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