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takes it toll

Apr 15th, 2007 8:49:36 am - Subscribe

dear diary,
its been hard. working...family!
but i cant keep making excuses becuase beofre i know it, ill be where i dont want to be. worse then where i am now. i need this. i need this for me, for my life, for this life.
Its harder but its a mndset, nothing else. i need to be better then this. better then everything to take this head on..
its tough...but im worth it.

i cant stop thinking that its ok...its only this..
then time goes by..
and agian...its only this..
i need to change my mind set..
my outlook on life..!

its got to change..
it HAS TO!
and this is thew ONLY way..
the only way i know how..

its has to work..
it just has too...

help me..
mood: un...everything
music: hey there dililah
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