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is there a diffrence between lonely and being alone? i think so.

Nov 7th, 2006 12:14:51 am - Subscribe

cafe job gone..
bye bye..
have tiffs with some girls..
wasnt a good place to work..!!

so back home..doing nothing!
all over agian.
Its so lonely and there is absolutly notihng to do all day. So all i do is sit down and eat. Righ now im staring but there is nothing to eat.
I sick of being overweight..i hate no looking good in clothes..!
rayner doesnt understand. its a mind set more then anything. he doesnt understand that its just the way i see me, not the way i think he sees me..!
complicated.....? yeah i know!

i finished my bookss...
god i loved then! i wish i could read them all agian, but for the first time. kinda like sex!

uim so bored that im sitting at the computer pressing "home" over and over agian on myspace. Im searching for a new job but im really scared im going to end up in a job like before. when i was un happy and hated be there. But i really miss having something to do..

i miss having a life....!
mood: lonely
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