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Mar 10th, 2007 2:52:34 am - Subscribe

is kinda crap right now..
met some cool people..
but nothing really much tho..

my family is starting to go blah..
mum is always over the topp..
and troy is always got something to say..

tafe is going alright i spose..
starting to get serious..
so yeah its goodd..

is just rayner..
he makes up lies to be dramatic..
he is so sweet tho..
and everytime i talk to him..
he is so nice..
and just happy..
nothing hidden at all..
its good..

wanna start meeting people..
going on dates and so on..
you know..
i went on a few..
and want to meet some new people..
and so on..
mood: hmm..
music: Eyes set to kill..
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