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Sep 7th, 2006 8:13:24 pm - Subscribe

im so tired these days...

ive been reading alot lately..
John Marsden- The Tommorrow Series!

im up to book 4....Darkness, Be my friend!

its a good series///!

really it...i realised something...

about regrets...

i regret something...but the reason i regret is that i cant change it now..
so if i could change it...i wouldnt regret it!

also just doing things...

like i wanna go for a run...
but all i have here is high heels..
but if i hade proper shoes here..
would i wanna go for a run?
proberbly not...

donno if this is just me..
but its annoying...
but kind of comforting...

i think that im alot more deep then rayner...imean i think more about things...
because i say something of subject but has been troubleing me for a while..
and he looks at me like im some sort of freak.

i dont like it when he looks at me like that..

but i do love him..
mood: lazy
music: hollywood undead
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