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Mar 5th, 2007 5:32:04 pm - Subscribe

update time..

i have started a tafe course Fashion desginn..
and have been doing this for the past month.
i have met a few awesome people on the net..
so yeah..
and a few potential lovers..
there was Alex..
oh Alex..
he used me..
but all good..
im not really fussed anyway..

Ive been working at video ezy for the past week..
enjoy it muchly.

rayner is being a totally arse wipe..
he has no idea what he wants..
for me and in genral..
im soooooooooo over caring..
and so over owrring about him..
i just dont care anymore..

im going to the belmont ball and kent st ball sooon..
end of the month..
got all my dresses and stufff ready..
need shoes..
and stufff..
but yeah..


i think im going to be using this alot more..
i dont know how..
i dont know why..

but im going to start putting alot more on this..
maybe as a tafe journal or something..

something like that..

mood: diffrent
music: shh - Fou Frou
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