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Im Baaacckk!!

May 8th, 2005 5:15:25 pm - Subscribe

Sooo long time no blog, huh??

Well I guess I'll give you all the 411 on what's been happening in my life in the past..about a month.

I've been getting really pissed off/upset for no reason lately. Just little things have been setting me off. I feel really bad about it.

Ashton and I are still together *knocks on wood* He's great though. There's been some rocky points but over all things have been great.

My spanish class got our teacher fired recently. And good riddence. He was the biggest idiot of all time. Just..not the best teacher ever. So now we have a full time sub. Its way better now then it was then.

Last night was the 8th grade formal. I guess it had a semi-good time. Its overrated but I liked hanging out with people. Danced with a few. Ashton didn't want to come to I signed up Daniel. He was fun. He even picked me up at my house and everything. It was awesome.

I've gotten really really good friends with Kristi lately. Most of the Ashton problems have to do with her though. Mostly I feel like
he'd rather be with her or that they're better for eachother but then she reassures me that that's not true. She's definately my best friend. Love her to death

I'm considering becoming a Christian. I go to youth group with Ashton sometimes and I'm interested in the things that go on there...I'm stuck tho. I'm a Catholic and I go to a really racist and..homophobic and just bad church, not to mention my dad is completely against me becoming Christian. It sucks but I'll make a decision sooner or later.

Man it feels good to be back here
Hope the comments keep coming <3
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avatar silentjade

May 08th, 2005

i'm not going to our 8th grade formal it's probably going to be lame anyways.


May 08th, 2005

mine was completely overrated. It wasn't any different than a sociel except for the fact that everyone was dressed up. Sort of a waste of money of you ask me.

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