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Long Time ..

Jun 15th, 2005 7:26:33 pm - Subscribe

Hey Everyone,

Wow, it's been forever since I last posted anything. I guess I should update, huh?

Well today was the last day of school. I'm finally an official highschooler. I'm so excited to go to highschool with all my real friends and everything. It will be fun.

Next year for marching band I'm a drum major instead of a flute. I'm excited about that. I have a camp to go to over the summer to learn everything. I'm a little worried about how I won't be able to be with my friends as much but other than that I'm sure everything will work out dandy.

Ashton and I are still together..yeah. 10 months June 30th.

This weekend I'm auditioning for Juliet in the summer play "Romeo and Juliet" I'm sooo excited. Acting is my passion even though I hardly ever do it anymore. I'm so nervous that I won't get the part but I'm praying that I will.

I got in trouble by my parents a little while ago. They claim they cant trust me so I was restricted from friends. I'm not allowed to go to church anymore. I had decided to become a strong Christian and my mom didn't like that too much so now I'm not allowed to go to the church of my choice. I'll find a way to get back there but in the mean time, I study the bible on my own.

I'm absolutely bored out of my mind so I suppose I should find something productive to do.

I love you all
CommenT <3
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avatar perfect110

June 15th, 2005

hey- highschool should be fun, just stay in the right crowd and you'll be fine! acting is fun, i use to do plays in the summer time too- but i haven't in a while. But good luck! hopefully your audition will go well. I'm sorry about your parents.. but thats really good that you are studying the Bible on your own. Hopefully you have strong christian friends that can encourage you and uplift you- those are always nice to have.. good luck and stay in the word- when you don't- thats when things get bad... and maybe try to find a good devotional book- those are very helpful if you don't have one already... E-mail me if you want any advice on which ones.. i've done a few! perfect~


June 15th, 2005

Thanks for the positive stuff! I do actually have a couple devotional books that I'm working on now. My best friend and my boyfriend both are extremely strong Christians so they're always there for me when I need help and such. It's their church that I'm restricted from. I'm working on getting back though, I miss is.


November 30th, 2005

Soooo long since this friend posted sad.gif

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