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So much for So much more

Apr 1st, 2005 2:38:38 pm - Subscribe

Okay guys. (This is the real me by the way)

Well Wednesday was my birthday. I turned 14. I had a pretty good day I guess. Almost everyone remembered and the whole 8th grade class sang at lunch. heh that was emberassing happy.gif

My family got me 5 CDs a piccolo and 50 dollars. Kristi got me 30 bucks and I got cards and such from other people

Yeah so last night Ashtons mom invited Kristi Helene and I over to watch movies and eat junk food and stuff at their house. Ashtons little sister Pauline just turned 11 last week so I'm guessing this is her party. It's pretty cool. I'm excited.

Alright well there's nothing much else to talk about.

Comment if you love meee <3
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im soo sorry!

Mar 31st, 2005 4:06:36 pm - Subscribe

Okay everyone, those last two posts weren't me. I'm so incredibly sorry for whatever the heck whoever that was said. I had no idea about it until my friends asked me if it was me. I don't know how but someone got into my blog and posted and apparently ticked some people off.

Im so so sorry if anything offended anyone but it truly wasn't me.

I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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Good Good Day

Mar 16th, 2005 3:34:57 pm - Subscribe

Today was a fantastic day until second block. Our highschool had a bomb threat called in today. I didn't hear about it till 1:30 ish but when I did I was sooooo worried.

The school system says they have a pretty good idea of who it was so..I hope they do something about it.

Yeah..my day was completely uneventful so..this was kind of a waste but oh well

Ta Ta For Now <3
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4 days

Mar 15th, 2005 3:45:14 pm - Subscribe


Well today was 10 times better compared to yesterday. Yesterday was not good. I got made fun of and talked about...it sucked. It especially made me mad because i got called a hotel. HO being the operative part of the word..It really like ruined my day. I'm trying to not let that stuff get to me though. It would just make everything else worse.

Guess what!! Next year, for band, I might switch to mellophone for marching season and french horn for concert season. Now, I'm a woodwind player so it will be hard but, those are Ashton's instruments happy.gif definate plus wink.gif

Okay well I'm gonna do something productive. Homework probably.

`---Love You All--->
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no subject

Mar 13th, 2005 2:20:22 pm - Subscribe

Why am I always the one to apologize?
Why am I always the one getting blamed?
Why am I always the one who isn't liked?
Why am I always the one making people mad?
Why am I always the one getting yelled at?

It amazes me how many times we use the word 'I' in our daily lives. It's insane. What if we stopped being so stuck up and conceited and started thinking about other people. Sound good?

My life is definately going to start changing now that I've realized I should be thinking more about other people rather than myself. I hope all you guys realize it too.

You can comment if you want but it doesn't really matter <3
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