Leather labels are used in clothing field
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Clothing Leather Labels
Leather labels are used in clothing field. Leather labels are ideal for jeans, jackets and work clothing.
Most leather labels require a mold in order to stamp or raise the logo on the label. There are numerous colors of leather labels - from classic brown suede to pink leather. They are super and durable.
You can see the below leather labels.
Firstly, we want to introduce the crinkle printed leather label. Vintage looking leather labels printed with your logo + a crinkled effect giving your label the look of weathered vintage leather.
Then, another one is imitation leather label. Imitation leather label can give a great appearance to any outdoor or accessory product. We have several faux leather colors that compliment garments beautifully.. Minimum qty is 1000pcs. Great hip bright colors!
Thirdly, it is imitation suede embossed label - buckskin color. This is our newest addition to our leather and faux leather label line. Very soft suede finish coupled with a "burned" look embossing give this label such a great look. It requires a mold charge for debossing process.
This is a soft solution to labeling identity when you require a leather label. They are very durable and soft. They are suitable for all outdoor gear or leather goods.

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