My place is at the top
Date: May 11th, 2011 10:34:22 pm - Subscribe
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It is well that young men should begin at the beginning and occupy the most subordinate embroidery patch. Many of the leading businessmen of Pittsburgh had a serious responsibility thrust upon embroidery patch at the very threshold of their career. They were introduced to the broom, and spent the first hours of their business lives sweeping embroidery patch. I notice we have embroidery patch and janitresses now in offices, and our young men unfortunately miss embroidery patch.But if by chance the professional sweeper is absent any morning, the boy who has the genius of the future partner in him will not hesitate to try his hand at the broom.

Assuming that you have all obtained embroidery patch, my advice to you is “aim high”. I would not give a fig for the young man who does not already see himself the partner or the head of an important firm. Do not rest content for a moment in your embroidery patch. Say to yourself, “My place is at the top.” Be king in your dreams.

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