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xiamenb2c The stocks end mixed after price in U.S - Subscribe
Major stock indexes ended mixed Thursday on more evidence that the economy is regaining strength at a slow pace.The Dow Jones industrial average rose for an eighth straight day, its longest unbroken climb since August. The Dow gained 46 points while broader indexes were little changed.Reports indicated that inflation remains in check and manufacturing is growing. The government said that first-time claims for unemployment benefits only inched lower.The Labor Department said its Consumer Price Index was unchanged in February and that initial jobless claims fell last week.The Conference Board,said its index of leading indicators rose at a slow pace last month.

Renewed concern about economic troubles in Greece kept the gains in check. The country said it might turn to the International Monetary Fund for support if European leaders can't agree to a bailout plan next week.

Stocks have been in a steady climb for about five weeks as economic reports signal the economy is seeing modest improvement.

The dollar rose against other major currencies. Gold rose.

Crude oil fell 73 cents to settle at $82.20 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

The Labor Department's Consumer Price Index was flat. Excluding volatile energy and food prices, it rose 0.1 percent. Economists polled by Thomson Reuters forecast an increase of 0.1 percent in both measures of inflation. On Wednesday, the government said that wholesale prices barely rose in February.

The Federal Reserve repeated this week that it expects inflation to remain low. That would allow the central bank to keep interest rates low to help revive lending and boost the economy.

The Labor Department said that initial jobless claims fell by 5,000 to a seasonally adjusted 457,000 last week. Although the drop was short of expectations, it was the third straight weekly slide. A four-week average of claims is up by 30,000 since the beginning of the year.

Initial claims have hovered around 450,000 in recent weeks, which Gayle called a "tipping point" between employers adding or cutting jobs.

Companies like 3M Co. got a boost from the Philadelphia Fed's report that manufacturing expanded in the Mid-Atlantic region for the seventh straight month in March. However, a drop in new orders signaled growth could slow.

The Conference Board's index of leading indicators rose 0.1 percent in February. That matched expectations but the increase in the gauge of future economic activity was the smallest in 11 months.

The concerns about Greece brought a reminder that the calm can be interrupted.

"That's why you're seeing a little bit of resistance," said Greg Merlino, president of Ameriway Financial Services. "Whenever we hear Greece, we get this knee-jerk reaction, is this the first domino to fall?"

Improved earnings reports gave the market some support.

FedEx Corp. said its fiscal third-quarter profit more than doubled. It also raised its full-year earnings forecast, which is now in line with analysts' expectations.FedEx is considered a measure for the health of the overall economy because of the variety of products it ships. The stock rose $2.87, or 3.2 percent, to $92.67.Three stocks fell for every two that rose on the New York Stock Exchange, where consolidated volume fell to 4.3 billion shares from 5 billion Wednesday.The Russell 2000 index of smaller companies fell 2.37.Germany's DAX index dropped 0.2 percent.
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xiamenb2c What is the New York movie makers trade Manhattan for Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx Mar 19th, 2010 5:03:08 am - Subscribe
Once upon a time, if a filmmaker wanted to make a New York movie, he went to Manhattan. Not

anymore. The release of three films all set in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, has put the

outer boroughs back on the big screen.The recently released buddy cop comedy "Cop Out," takes

place in Brooklyn and Queens."Brooklyn's Finest," is also set across the East River. And then

there is "City Island,"a quirky comedy about a family living on the blue collar island in

Long Island Sound.Not that the outer boroughs haven't popped up in films in the past. "Do the

Right Thing," "Coming to America" and "Saturday Night Fever" are just a few.But never before

have so many outer borough movies been released.

Outsiders have long associated New York City with Manhattan, especially on the big screen,

when in fact Brooklyn and Queens are much more heavily populated.

But moviemakers have transitioned from portraying a glittering version of Manhattan to a

grittier setting in the outer boroughs, more in tune with the reality of most New Yorkers.

The cinematic exodus to the outer boroughs also makes the filming process less stressful on

the wallet and on the film crews.

While cheaper filming costs certainly played a part in luring film crews out of Manhattan,

the outer borough setting still maintained a unique appeal for each movie.

For "Brooklyn's Finest," NYC's largest borough provided a gritty setting, in tune with the

movie's rough and tumble feel.

"City Island" turns the movie's namesake, which is both close to Manhattan and has a very

different feel, into a symbol of a blue collar family's stifled dreams.And "Cop Out," uses

the backdrop of Queens and Brooklyn, as a playground for Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan to

track down a nefarious Latino gangster.Long gone are the days of“The French Connection,”

when directors could tie up a whole city just to film a chase scene.The logistics of shooting

far from tourist hubs has driven New York movies to the more movie-friendly boroughs.

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xiamenb2c President Barack Obama backs senators' immigration overhaul Mar 19th, 2010 5:03:52 am - Subscribe
President Barack Obama, facing criticism from advocates of immigration reform, pledged

Thursday "to do everything in my power" to get immigration legislation moving in Congress

this year.Obama said work on an immigration bill should move forward based on an outline

released Thursday by Sens. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C."A critical next

step will be to translate their framework into a legislative proposal and for Congress to act

" Obama said.

"I congratulate Sens. Schumer and Graham for their leadership, and pledge to do everything in

my power to forge a bipartisan consensus this year on this important issue so we can continue

to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform," Obama said.

Obama's statement and the senators' outline were timed for release before a march and rally

Sunday that is expected to draw tens of thousands of people to Washington to press the

administration and Congress for immigration reform.

Immigrants and their supporters have grown frustrated as the Obama administration has

continued to detain and deport immigrants while immigration reform remains dormant. Obama had

promised to make it a top priority in his first year in office.

Hoping to temper the percolating discontent, Obama held two separate meetings last week with

grass-roots immigration leaders as well as Schumer and Graham. The president assured the

leaders at the meeting that he remains committed to reform.

Obama met Thursday at the White House with Reps. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and Solomon Ortiz,

D-Texas, the sponsors of a House immigration bill. Gutierrez said later he agreed to vote for

Obama's signature domestic bill, health care reform, only if an immigration bill advanced

quickly and with a presidential imprimatur. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus also endorsed

the health care bill.

"I'm committed to voting for this health care bill on that basis," Gutierrez said. "I want

the president to be in lockstep with us, which I believe he was during the campaign."White

House spokesman Reid Cherlin said there was no quid pro quo involved in the White House's

dealings with Gutierrez."Congressman Gutierrez is a longtime leader of the reform effort on

the Hill, so of course they've had many conversations about it, and they'll continue to,"

Cherlin said.

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xiamenb2c Chinese police start to crack down on the train ticket scalpers Mar 20th, 2010 1:35:17 am - Subscribe
On Feb. 18,Chinese police have arrested more than 2,000 train ticket scalpers and have

broken up 1,000 gangs that made and sold counterfeit tickets as the country enters its peak

travel season leading up the Chinese Spring Festival.
More than 47,430 tickets, with a face value of 5.64 million yuan (720,000 U.S. dollars),

have been confiscated by the Chineses police.Some 50,000 policemen have been on duty at

railway stations, on trains and at [ticket booking offices] all over the country to crackdown

on illegal ticket dealings.
The Ministry of Railways announced earlier this year that railway ticket prices would not

be raised as they usually are during the 40-day-long holiday season which this year runs from

Feb. 3 to March 14.
This is- expected to cause a big [jump] in the number of train travelers and is also

attracting more ticket scalpers.
Some scalpers were offering fake tickets which they were selling for seven to ten times

their- face value. Cui Xihua, an official of the Beijing railway public security department

said, China's train ticket scalpers first appeared in the 1980s.In China, rail is the most

popular means of travel as 156 million passengers are expected to travel by train during this

year's holiday season.Nowadays ticket scalpers are using text messages and the Internet to

advertise and sell ticket, said Cui.
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xiamenb2c Some words to Live by Mar 20th, 2010 2:04:06 am - Subscribe
Love deeply and ardently, even if there is pain, but this is the way to make your life


Do more than others expect you to do and do it pains;

Don't take to heart every thing you hear. Don't spend all that you have. Don't sleep as long

as you want;

Whenever you say" I love you", please say it honestly;

Fall in love at first sight;

Don't neglect dreams;

Never judge people by their appearance;

When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and say, "Why do you want to


Remember that the man who can shoulder the most risk will gain the deepest love and the

supreme accomplishment;;

Call you mother on the phone. If you can't, you may think of her in your heart;

If you fail, don't forget to learn your lesson;

Remember the three " respects" .Respect yourself, respect others, stand on dignity and pay

attention to your behavior;

Don't let a little dispute break up a great friendship;

Whenever you make a phone call smile when you pick up the phone, because someone can feel it!

Marry a person who likes talking; because when you get old, you'll find that chatting to be a

great advantage;

Find time for yourself.

Remember that silence is golden;

Read more books and watch less television;

Live a noble and honest life. Reviving past times in your old age will help you to enjoy your

life again;

The harmonizing atmosphere of a family is valuable;

Try your best to let family harmony flow smoothly;

Treat our earth in a friendly way,don't fool around with mother nature.
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